Bisexuality 13 June 2023

Bisexuality and Sexual Fluidity 


This training may be taken on its own or as part of a 6-day series leading to a Certificate in Diversity within Contemporary Relationships, more info can be found here: Certificate in Diversity within Contemporary Relationships

Dates : Tuesday 13th June 2023  

ALTERNATIVE DATES : Monday 18th September 2023

Trainer : Bernd Leygraf , scroll down to see more about the trainer

Location : Online 

Cost : £110 if booked by 13th April 2023, £125 if booked by 13th May 2023, £140 full price


If your booking is accepted that means there was space for you.  If it is full, email to join the ‘reserve list’.  Then, if anyone drops out we will notify you, if there is a ‘last minute’ place  for you.  We will also let you know when we plan a new date.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) as so often, got it right. In his theories related to libidinal drives he sensed that attraction and desires were omnidirectional, and that human beings could be attracted to anyone, independent of gender and sexual orientation.

Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) continued with a two-dimensional scale of sexual orientations.  Then Fritz Klein (1932 – 2006)  developed a multidimensional tool.  He discovered that around 38% of people could be described as bisexual,  with people who are ‘exclusively heterosexual’ and ‘exclusively homosexual’ being in the minority.

Unfortunately, this has not found its way into peoples’ general awareness, nor into the way sex and relationship therapists conceptualise the work.  This is starting to change with GSRD (Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity) awareness, but more work is needed. 

This workshop intends to explore ways of working with these invisible client populations.

By the end of this workshop participants will have :

  • Explored homo, hetero and bi sexual expressions
  • Critically examined Klein’s Sexuality Flexigrid (1978) and learnt to apply it as a psychosexual assessment tool
  • Familiarised themselves with case studies highlighting fluid and bisexual presentations
  • Considered how bi and fluid sexualities impact therapist’s work with clients, be they individuals, couples, throuples, quads etc.
  • Critically examined the links between neuro diversity and sexualities.

 Please note, that the general rules of engagement of the profession (confidentiality etc) apply when attending this workshop.

Trainer : Bernd Leygraf 

Consultant Psychotherapist co-founded a number of organisations (London Men’s Forum, UK Standing Conference on Sexual Abuse of Men, the Centre for Personal and Professional Development, the Whittington Hospital Psychotherapy Clinic, the Hungarian Gestalt Association, NAOS Institute). He co-authored with Judi Keshet-Orr the first MSc in Humanistic Psychotherapy and the first Masters programme in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy in the UK. He also authored or co-authored, as well as led, several masters programmes in the UK, primarily at South Bank University, Middlesex University, Westminster and the University of Surrey. He was external examiner to various universities in the UK.

A former Chair of the Professional Standards and Accreditation Board at the European Association for Counselling, and Ethics Committee of COSRT, Bernd works currently with trainees, from over 40 countries. He is familiar with and interested in working with issues of cultural difference.  His principal influences in sexological and couples work are David Schnarch, Joseph Zinker, Ellen Bader, Judith Hemming, Joan Lachkar, Judi Keshet-Orr and, as ever, his clients. 

In 2023 Bernd was given the Liz McElligot Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession of Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy and for the support and guidance he has provided to the field.

Bernd is proud to have supported – alongside Judi – a significant number of sex and couples therapists in shaping their own professional identities and careers – both in the UK and further afield; some even have moved into offering specialist sex addiction clinics; others are now trainers in this field in their own right. 

Bernd is delighted to be (founder and) Honorary Member of the Hungarian Gestalt Association. Clinically speaking Bernd focuses on working with celebrity clients, and on men in leadership, both nationally and globally.

Who should attend : This course is open to all counsellors, psychotherapists, psychosexual therapists, coaches and health workers who wish to deepen their understanding and thinking about bisexuality and sexual fluidity.

Maximum Number : 30 

     There are some online talks on zoom that allow you to come and go, or to choose not to participate in the exercise and breakout rooms.  This culture has started to creep into our workshops.  We have even had people say they want to leave to go and pick up children from school or walk their dog!  People dropping in and out is very disruptive – especially when there may be group exercises that are planned for the same group to participate in a number of times.  
     Because of this, we want to be clear about our expectations.  This workshop has been planned with the assumption that you, and everyone else, will attend for the full time.  SO PLEASE BE CLEAR, THAT IF YOU BOOK ON THIS WORKSHOP, WE EXPECT YOU TO ATTEND FOR THE WHOLE TIME, TO  PARTICIPATE IN THE BREAKOUT ROOMS AND EXERCISES AND HAVE YOUR VIDEO SWITCHED ON.
     Please also put your mobile to one side and on silent – checking your phone or texting will mean that you miss material.  So we request that you only check your phone during breaks.  

APPROVED FOR CPD : This course has been accredited by NCIP-  National Council Of Integrative Psychotherapists.  A Certificate of Attendance form for Continuous Professional Development for 5 hours will be sent by email once you have filled in the feedback form.  

CANCELLATIONS : Any request to change (eg defer to alternative dates) or cancel your place at a workshop, that is made at less than 21 days before the course start date will be charged in full.  Any cancellation / amendments / requests to defer before 21 days, will be subject to a 12.5% handling charge.

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