Live Therapy Session: Using Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy – followed by Q and A

Tuesday 7th July 10am – 12

Price – Donation: Minimum £1

Juliet Grayson will lead a live client session, with a genuine client, to demonstrate the Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy (PBSP) – as delivered via Zoom.  There will be time for Q and A afterwards, with Juliet and the client.

Pesso Boyden is a body-based therapy.  A structure is the name for a PBSP client session.

The structure can start in one of two ways, either the client starts to talk about something in their life that is not going well.  Or, they start from where they are: ‘I feel exposed sitting here…’  or ‘I am feeling cold…’  As a client that is all the preparation that is needed.

During a PBSP structure the therapist uses an imaginary witness to name the affect that the client is feeling. This helps the client feel seen and heard, which deepens the session.  The client’s inner world is externalised using objects, called placeholders.  An imaginary supporting figure may be brought in to be with the client.  If there are negative voices (injuctions) they are externalised and spoken out loud, as if someone is saying those words directly to the client. This stage of the therapeutic process is called the True Scene.

The next stage is to explore the Historical Information.   During this phase we are looking for resonances that the current day problem or situation may have with the client’s past.  This history may be loading the current day problem, so the client reacts in a stronger way than is appropriate.

The third stage is to create an Antidote. We give the client an experience in the here-and-now, and invite them to imagine having had this experience in their past.  Thus, we are creating a new memory that can sit along the ‘real’ memory. The new memory is set in their hypothetical past  and designed to give the client precisely what they needed in a particular situation(s). This is done by enrolling Ideal Figures, who do, and say, the very things that would have helped. Thus, the healing happens at an experiential level (they feel it in the body) and at a symbolic level (with the Ideal Figures they needed), and the client can internalise the new experience. When PBSP happens in a group, then people will role play these Ideal Figures.  When PBSP happens online, the client uses their imagination, backed up by physical objects, that can represent these Ideal Figures.

Finally, we help the client embed their New Perspective, to support them as they go back out into the world.

This sounds like a clear sequence, though in practice we may jump around the four stages of True Scene, Historical Information, Antidote, and New Perspective.

Structures last 50-60 minutes.  Sessions are very much led by the client, and guided by the therapist.  The system is very respectful of the client.