Lives of Quiet Desperation 6 & 7 May 2021

Lives of Quiet Desperation: Therapeutic work with men

An online workshop for men and women who are
therapists, counsellors, social / health care workers, or simply interested in personal development. 


Date: 6 & 7 May 2021

Time: 9am -1pm (BST) on both days.
Please be ready to log on to check equipment from 8.45, and allow 15 mins afterwards in case the workshop runs over. 


COST:  £99 if booked by 6 April 2021,
£115 Full Price

Simon Roe

‘Most men lead lives of quiet desperation
& go to the grave with the song still in them

The above quote, paraphrased from Henry Thoreau, seems as distressingly apt today as it did when it was written over 150 years ago. Despite the advances made by feminism, the ‘new age’ & the ‘men’s movement’ men are still notoriously reluctant to present for any kind of therapeutic support. Yet levels of depression, violence & suicide in men, particularly young men, are worryingly high. What is it that leads to this state of affairs? How, as practitioners, can we engage effectively with men? What unconscious biases or prejudices might we be holding that will interfere with or sabotage our work?

In this workshop we will explore and uncover the unconscious biases or prejudices that we might be holding that will interfere with or sabotage our work. How, as practitioners, can we engage effectively with men?

Ask yourself:

  • What is the story you tell yourself about men?
  • How has your history shaped your views?
  • How well can you accept, welcome and if necessary challenge a man’s anger? His abusive behaviour? His vulnerability?

This training will provide participants with hands-on experience of a range of methods & approaches, which they can take away and add to their tool kits, including personal reflection, group and pair work, creativity, poetry & story.

Some of the topics we will explore include:-

  • Not measuring up’ – men and shame
  • ‘Boys don’t cry’ – men and grief
  • The dangers of ‘nice’ men
  • The ‘boy code’ – breaking the silence
  • Working with men’s anger & violence
  • Men and sex

    Some of you will know William Ayot.
    He says
    “Simon is one of the most
    courageous and compassionate men’s work leaders I’ve ever worked with. The fact that he’s now wanting to pass on his
    hard-won knowledge is a massive plus for us all.

    For those of us who want to broaden our scope, or
    work at a deeper level with men, 
    I can’t imagine a finer teacher to work with than Simon Roe”.  

Feedback from previous ‘Lives of Quiet Desperation’ participants

‘Simon’s depth of experience in running workshops for and about men was clearly evident. I recommend his course.’

‘This is the first time I have been able to grieve for my father – thank you.’

‘Simon’s workshop is very apposite; much needed at this time. He invites us to look very squarely and honestly at the male and masculine archetypes and find value and integrity. A challenging workshop for therapists and the therapy culture.

Simon Roe originally trained as a body psychotherapist with Nick Totton & Em Edmondson and has nearly 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and groups. For the last 25 years’ he has worked almost exclusively with men & teenage boys in a variety of settings including 1-1 psychotherapy, domestic violence work and Rites of Passage events. He is a Respect approved trainer & supervisor for domestic violence practitioners and is the director of Two Wolves Consultancy and Training Simon has recently completed a foundation course in Process Oriented Psychology – an approach which increasingly informs his practice. 
Simon is a fully accredited member of the Association of Facilitators
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EQUIPMENT YOU WILL NEED:  We will use Zoom, so you would need a computer that has good enough internet access to be able to be online, and in a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.  It would be preferable if there are no people walking around in the background. An Iphone can be used in an emergency, but we recommend planning on using a laptop or computer.  Tablets also work, though please be aware that they have less functionality in Zoom. 

CANCELLATIONS: Any request to change (eg defer to alternative dates) or cancel your place at a workshop, that is made at less than 21 days before the course start date will be charged in full.  Any cancellation / amendments / requests to defer before 21 days, will be subject to a 12.5% handling charge.

FOR MORE INFO:  If you have further questions please email: or call Juliet Grayson on 01291 638805

CPD FORM: A Certificate of Attendance form for Continuous Professional Development for 7 hours will be sent by email once you have filled in the feedback form.  

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