Trans, Non-Binary & Questioning 15 July 2023

Working Alongside Trans, Non-Binary and Questioning Clients: with Serge Nicholson


This training may be taken on its own or as part of a 6-day series leading to a Certificate in Diversity within Contemporary Relationships, more info can be found here: Certificate in Diversity within Contemporary Relationships

Dates : Saturday 15th July 2023 SOLD OUT To join waiting list email @ with your phone number.  Or book the next course which is on   1st December 2023

Timing : 10am – 4pm (GMT – UK time) with an hour break for lunch and 2 other short breaks.

Location : Online 

Trainer : Serge Nicholson scroll down to see more about the trainer

Cost : £110 if booked by 15th May 2023, £125 if booked by 15th June 2023, £140 full price

NOW FULL.  To join waiting list email @ with your phone number.  Or book the next course which is on  
1st December 2023

If your booking is accepted that means there was space for you.  If it is full, email to join the ‘reserve list’.  Then, if anyone drops out we will notify you, if there is a ‘last minute’ place  for you.  We will also let you know when we plan a new date.

Therapists increasingly get to meet gender diverse and gender questioning people in their client base.  This day will bring a greater awareness and understanding of the broad spectrum of GSRD (gender, sex, sexual and relationship diversity).  Together we will explore good practice, further increasing our knowledge, confidence and competence.

In the exploration of gender identity there often comes a re-frame of both sexuality, and relationships.  Part of the therapy work may involve :

  • Holding a space for the questions that our client’s ask themselves
  • Exploring their model of what a relationship is
  • Helping clients who are in an existing relationship that is itself in transition
  • Supporting the potential for individuals to have new relationship(s) within a gender re-frame
  • Assisting clients who are exploring relationships for the first time as a woman, a man, or a non-binary person
  • Thinking about the whole family structure involved in the transition, for example where there is a move to two moms and / or two dads or other non-binary kinship terms 

Topics covered include :

  • Examining marginalised culture contexts, language and terms
  • Exploring the issues that can come up when working alongside transgender, non-binary, queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual and outsider gender and sexuality clients
  • Working with gender diverse and gender questioning clients along with their partners (who may be gender diverse or cisgender)
  •  Thinking about neurodiversity in relation to our GSRD clients

There will be 2 hours of ‘preparatory pre-reading’ that you will be sent about 10 days before the course begins

Please note that this is a day working alongside adult client work, and we will not be looking at gender issues in young people.

You will be encouraged to be self-reflexive, raise questions, share thoughts on good practice and consider what you bring to this area of work from your own background and modality.

Serge will share his clinical experience with LGBTIQ+ clients – both individuals and those in a partnership(s).  We will use questioning, discussion and case studies to deepen our understanding.  

This rich area will be about transitions, in more than one sense.

Trainer : Serge Nicholson

Serge Nicholson is a C.O.S.R.T accredited Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist with a passion for his work alongside GSRD  clients. Serge embarked upon his therapist career change training with the London Diploma in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy, with a long-term  placement (from pre-diploma to full accreditation) within a Central London NHS sexual health service setting, including his work in helping to build a pioneering gender diverse affirming Psychosexual service. Serge has a therapy practice, based in London and the South Coast, delivering individual and partnership therapy. Serge has also been developing an innovative model of queer kitchen table therapeutic group work in Trans and Non Binary and LGBTIQ + community settings.  In addition Serge is also a GSRD guest lecturer, and co-founder of ‘Letter To My Little Queer Self’, 2021 latest title.

Who should attend : This course is open to all counsellors, psychotherapists, psychosexual therapists, coaches and health workers who wish to deepen their understanding and thinking about GSDR topics.

Maximum Number : 24

     There are some online talks on zoom that allow you to come and go, or to choose not to participate in the exercise and breakout rooms.  This culture has started to creep into our workshops.  We have even had people say they want to leave to go and pick up children from school or walk their dog!  People dropping in and out is very disruptive – especially when there may be group exercises that are planned for the same group to participate in a number of times.  
     Because of this, we want to be clear about our expectations.  This workshop has been planned with the assumption that you, and everyone else, will attend for the full time.  SO PLEASE BE CLEAR, THAT IF YOU BOOK ON THIS WORKSHOP, WE EXPECT YOU TO ATTEND FOR THE WHOLE TIME, TO  PARTICIPATE IN THE BREAKOUT ROOMS AND EXERCISES AND HAVE YOUR VIDEO SWITCHED ON.
     Please also put your mobile to one side and on silent – checking your phone or texting will mean that you miss material.  So we request that you only check your phone during breaks.  

When powerful feelings are revealed and processed, it is not unusual that our own psychological issues are triggered and flow into the mix.  Wilfred Bion is a respected name in the world of group working. He wrote extensively and cogently on issues that invariably occur in groups. We would like to agree basic guidelines with you – based on his findings – to ensure the success of our work together. Bion’s central focus was the disruption (he called it ‘resistance’) that may arise within a group that shifts it away from its agreed task.  Our focus, our agreed task for this workshop is NOT therapy for the members or to criticise others.  OUR AGREED TASK IS TO OFFER TEACHING AND LEARNING RELATED TO DIVERSITY WITHIN CONTEMPORARY RELATIONSHIPS. 

To this end, our Certificate in Diversity within Contemporary Relationships welcomes and needs people to be courageous, and examine prejudice with tolerance and a minimum of defensiveness.  We need our workshops to be safe spaces, where participants can be vulnerable and supported if they make mistakes, as we all do.   We would like to remind you that we work within UK law and ethics (Gender Recognition, Equalities Act, MOU and Race) and will not tolerate non-compliance in any way.   We wholeheartedly support people courageously stepping forward, and anyone who is critical of this will not be welcome on this training and may be asked to leave.

APPROVED FOR CPD : This course has been accredited by NCIP-  National Council Of Integrative Psychotherapists.  A Certificate of Attendance form for Continuous Professional Development for 5 hours will be sent by email once you have filled in the feedback form.  

CANCELLATIONS : Any request to change (eg defer to alternative dates) or cancel your place at a workshop, that is made at less than 21 days before the course start date will be charged in full.  Any cancellation / amendments / requests to defer before 21 days, will be subject to a 12.5% handling charge.

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