A description of a structure by Al Pesso

Description of a Structure
Albert Pesso
(from lecture given at Conference on Pre and Perinatal Trauma, Heidelberg, Germany)

I will now describe a structure from a recent professional workshop with psychotherapists. There was some question as to who would have the next structure when one of the women in the group raised her hand to say that she wished a turn. I looked about and saw that no one else had raised their hand and I said to her that it was her turn then. She turned red, looked a bit anxious and smiled with a look of surprise and dismay, saying, “I didn’t expect to have a turn or that I would be the one to have a turn. I was sure some one else would get it.”

Moving directly toward creating the true scene, I said to her, “If there was a witness here now, he or she would say, ‘I see how shocked, surprised and unsettled you are that you were the one to get the turn.’”

“Yes”, she said. “Things aren’t supposed to come so easy.”

“That would be the voice of your truth saying that” I said. “It would say, ‘Things don’t come so easy.’”

“Yes.” she said in agreement. “You have to work for what you get in this world.”

At my suggestion she enrolled both the witness and the voice of her truth and the scene was created. The witness saw how surprised she was, and she flushed again remembering that feeling…..

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