Become a Relate Counsellor

Interested in becoming a Relate Couples Counsellor? There may be an easy pathway.

In 2023 I discovered that those people who have completed our 6 module training, who are experienced and qualified counsellors with client hours under their belt, might well be able to join Relate as one of their couple therapists, without requiring further training.

Relate consists of a family of organisations. There is Relate National – and there are other Relate organisations that are locally based. So the best route is for therapists to apply to both their local Relate Centre and to Relate National. Each organisation has its own rate of pay, and terms and conditions – but a sample rate is £25 per hour, from one Relate local organisation. Contracts also vary, depending on local need, but in one region the minimum is 6 hours per week, up to approx. 20 hours. I gather that Relate National Centres pay a guaranteed amount of hours per week and they fill the client slots. Other Relate services may follow a different pattern. Supervision is included in the contract (and you are paid to attend supervision) and some CPD is provided.

Relate are keen to welcome people who wish to develop a career, and be long term Relate Therapists. Whilst some therapists will join for a shorter period, maybe a few years, to gain experience of working with couples.

I have no connection with Relate at all, and have gleaned this from a conversation over the phone, but to the best of my knowledge it is accurate – so if you so if you’re interested in joining Relate, they may well look on you favourably as someone who won’t need to undergo further training