Feedback: What clients say about therapy with Juliet

What clients say about therapy with Juliet

“I’m enormously grateful to you, because I think our sessions with you are a predominant reason why I feel as clear as I do now”

“Juliet was exceptionally insightful and challenged us whilst being empathic, gentle and containing. Although I was aware of it beforehand, I gained a deeper insight into the grief I feel about my father’s marriage and my sense of responsibility to and for his wellbeing. I feel a deeper sens of my spirituality. It was useful to understand and hear Juliet’s insight into how my partner was projecting aspects of his relationship with his mother onto our relationship. And also Juliet saying that my partner was experiencing stuff which was about early damage and that this would probably take a long time was both realistic and helpful. I realised that I had relinquished power in the relationship in a way which was both unhelpful to me and for our relationship. I left the session freer from the sense that somehow all our problems were my fault, and that has been very liberating.”

“A vast amount of helpful information was given on sexual matters. To be able to have frank open discussions about sexuality without feeling judged or perceived as ‘weird’ or far out’ has helped to normalise one’s perception of oneself. It’s great just to be able to get information from an ‘expert’ in such matters especially as Juliet possesses so much xperience in this field. Knowing that help is out there for this most intimate area of a relationship in a non judgemental and supportive way is a real comfort. I have recommended Juliet to my friends and family when I see tham struggling.”

“Seeing the relationship with J more clearly in terms of parental influence in our make up was really useful. Seeing one’s own projections onto one’s partner and starting to ‘clean’ this parental baggage has been phenomenally helpful.”

“11 out of 10. I felt inspired and motivated after the session. I could not have expected anything more in one session. It was a relief to discover we do not need to change ourselves to be together, but we do need to change the way we show our love to one another based on the other’s needs rather than our own. We discussed it all some more after the session, and I think we’re getting there. It’s been a smooth week domestically and we also had fantastic sex which even I enjoyed. So all in all a good result!”

“What was the most helpful part for me? Frankly, it was the ‘mediator’ element, firstly. The chance to say something without being sniped at or snapped at. The counselling itself is 9/10 or 10/10.”

“I saw juliet 6 months ago. It was extraordinary to be able to talk about the dark side of my nature and my sexual acting out, and addictions, without being shamed, or made to feel bad. Yet I was also being challenged when my thinking had got skewed, and what I thought was normal was unusual. It has had a tremendous effect, and I hope i will be a better person after this, and certainly…. I have not acted out for the last 6 months at all. I feel that phase of my life is over, and i will not harm other people in that way in the future. Thank you so much. You not only saved me, you saved my marriage and protected my family. I am sure we could not have done it without your clear, practical, common sense, knowledgeable and wise approach. Thank you.”

“I wanted to say how helpful I have found both our final session, and the process as a whole. I fell that we have all participated in honouring something special in a way that I certainly could not have managed using only my own resources. I am satisfied that we both did everything we could to explore all the possibilities to make our relationship work. When it became clear to me that my future lay elsewhere, the fact that we had been through this process made me feel much more sure of myself. So, although I am, of course. immensely sad that we had to end, I feel sure that, in the end, I made the right decision for me, which means the right decision fo us both. I felt like it respectfully brought an important chapter of both our lives to its proper end. I want to thank you for making that possible. Not surprisingly I have to deal with a lot of practical issues now and a wide range of contrasting emotions about the past and my future, but I am able to feel them all appropriately and still feel in control of myself, which is something that I am not sure I was ever able to do before. Once again thank you for your patience and insight.”