Networking Groups for Therapists in the United Kingdom

As part of our work to help therapy and counselling professionals connect, we have created several groups for areas of the UK where those interested in CPD, referrals or networking to do so. 

We currently have 2 groups being established, more to follow if these are a success. Please find below pages for each group for the areas London, Wales,

Please also read our terms and conditions, which will be on each areas page, for what we expect from any members.


A word from Juliet Grayson:

“I have been trying to identify regional networks of counsellors and therapists for forum discussions, sharing of local services and networking.  Regional based groups seem to be lacking from my research. If you know of any please do let me know. In light of this, I want to create an opportunity for regional professional dialogue. I am going to trial this with Google groups and start with a London group.

This is an experiment…I hope it works.  It will depend on everyone being polite and friendly.

I am involved in one and find it really useful as a resource.  I hope you find this useful too.

Please invite anyone you think may be interested.  Below are the terms and conditions you’ll be agreeing to by joining





For therapy professionals in the London Area click here


For therapy professionals in the Wales Area click here