If you have a problem logging on on the day of a workshop or accessing a zoom link, please try these phone numbers and emails ideally in this order.  If it is on the actual day of your workshop, then do ALL of these!

  1. Email as that email will go to several people, any of whom might be able to help you.
  2. Email sam -you are likely to get a response during the working week between 9 and 2.00 unless she is off sick
  3. Email who is likely to respond between 9.45 and 2.30 Monday – Friday, but might also respond outside those hours (put URGENT in the subject line if you are contacting him on the actual day of the workshop). 
  4. If you are reaching out Monday – Thursday between 9 and 12 then you can email karentaylor.cyh.  She will not respond outside these times, but may be able to help if Sam is having a day off for some reason.  
  5. Email Juliet  There is a chance Juliet will pick your email up outside of normal ‘office hours’.
  6. Telephone 01291 638805 which is our office.  Juliet sometimes answers this number out of hours.  If it is a weekend leave a message, but try the number again later – as the office is on the 3rd floor and Juliet may not realise there is a message.
  7. Text and call 07770 964864 which is Juliet’s mobile phone number (NB the mobile signal in the house is poor, so if she is at home it is best to call her on the landline (numbers are in 5) and 7))
  8. Call 01291 638806 which is Juliet’s home telephone number (please only use this in emergencies).  If Juliet is out and you leave a message, she will see messages on this number when she comes back in (as opposed to messages left on the 01291 638805 number which she won’t see until she walks into the office on the 3rd floor..which she usually does not do at weekends).
  9. Your last resort is to call Jon on his home mobile: 07368 845621