Feedback: What clients say after Couples in Calamity Sessions

Comments after Juliets Couples in Calamity

I think you should know that you are a wonderful, insightful, talented, compassionate and accomplished person, and that you are making a fundamental difference to people, and I want to appreciate you for all of that. You reached the core issues in each of us very quickly, and worked with us to see them in a different light – as a result you helped us see that rather than being showstoppers or dealbreakers, they are things we can work on and change. We came to you as a couple living separately, and left as a couple looking forward to our next date and looking forward to getting back together – really very remarkable!

I was completely bowled over by the two half-days we spent with you. I did not believe that getting back together was a possibility. I was deeply impressed with your ability to cut through to what was going on ‘in the room’ and to discern how what you saw in front of you reflects what goes on between us in everyday life. I found you immensely skilled in putting information across in a way that did not get our backs up and instead enabled us to hear it and want to work with it. I felt very ‘held’ by you, it was as though you had your arms around us both.

I’d like to offer you my heartfelt thanks and great appreciation for the work you have done with us in the last two days. Your great skill, knowledge and – above all – compassion, have moved us to a place I almost didn’t dare hope for. While there’s a heap of work to do, I feel very different today than I did on Tuesday morning, and have definite spring in my step.

I felt inspired and motivated after the session. I would not have expected anything more in one session

Very impressed with the direct action and got to the root straight away.

I really DO appreciate everything that was done

Since the counseling session I have met and exceeded all the positive elements asked of me.

Juliet was exceptionally insightful and challenged us whilst being empathic, gentle and containing

I left the session freer from the sense that somehow all our problems were my fault. That has been very liberating.

I tried to go to the session without expectations. Of course there was a small part of me that wanted all our problems to melt away but I was/am aware that wasn’t going to happen!

IT gave me the space to talk about my grief

Helped me realise how I had relinquished power in the relationship in a way which was both unhelpful to me and for our relationship

The most helpful things were:- talking with a councilor present to ‘referee’ our discussions and to notice the dynamics of what was taking place, and knowing that help is out there for this most intimate area of a relationship in a non judgemental and supportive way.

A vast amount of helpful information was given on sexual matters. Its great just to be able to get information from an ‘expert’ in such matters especialy as Juliet possesses so much experience in this field.

The biggest learnings/insights were:- To be able to have frank open discussions about sexuality without feeling judged or perceived as ‘wierd or far out’ helped to normalise one’s perception of self.

Cant think of anything more I would have wanted.