Feedback Certificate in Couples Therapy Modules

Participants can attend just one module of two days, or they can attend all six modules, making a total of twelve days.  Attending the full twelve days leads to a Certificate In Couples Therapy

Audio clip from Kate McGeever: Psychotherapist about the Certificate in Couples Therapy designed by Juliet Grayson: click here

Feedback from the two-day module:  The Fundamentals of Working With Couples

Feedback from the two-day module: Couples in Conflict

Feedback from the two-day module: Dealing With Affairs

Feedback from the two-day module: Meeting Their Partner’s Needs

One of the first graduates of the Certificate in Couples Therapy: who completed all 6 modules: London Psychotherapist and Supervisor
“I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your couples training course and I know that I’ve said it many, many time, but I feel so blessed to have had the experience of meeting you, being trained by you and I thank you so much for all of your generosity. You give so much in your trainings, on every level and you truly are a most beautiful human being and I am grateful to you so much more than I can find the words to say. Although I do believe that you have a sense of what I am trying to express and as I said last week at the end of the training, I would be having serious withdrawal now, but I know that I’m coming on your next training day in July!” London Psychotherapist and Supervisor


Photo Credit © Supriya Patel