Feedback from Fundamentals of Working with couples

Delegate Feedback: The Fundamentals of Working With Couples

Feedback from BACP accredited counsellor

‘I am now working with a couple who seem to have every issue you taught us about. So I have been re-reading the folders you gave us for all the modules I have done, and I am finding them extremely helpful. So thank you again. I would not have known what to do with this couple without your teaching, and having it preserved in the folders is wonderful.’

Working with Couples course run in East London

‘Huge amount to think about. Currently only see individual clients but this course has expanded my knowledge and I think this will help me be more assertive in giving tasks to clients’

‘Gained solid introduction into working with couples. Provided with books and handouts useful for further work. I realised that I need more training. Introduced me to the methods/ways of learning’

‘I gained further insight into working with couples, possible issue that could come up, the role of the therapist and same instructions’

‘New understanding of the process of working with couples’

‘It’s given me a good intro to couple counselling’

‘Insight into relationship issues and sexual difficulties and solutions. Insight into how different it is working with couples as opposed to individuals’

‘Feel more confident – more able to be in authority. I want to learn more. I feel I will be able to integrate the workshop into my 1:1 training as a psychotherapist’

‘Exercise of decentring – observing Juliet in action as therapist – having vibrators, rings etc to touch and observe – getting practical info’

‘Deeper knowledge of both relationships and sexual issues. Felt able to take risks both in volunteering to be the therapist and contributing to discussion – I usually hold back for fear of seeming too vocal’

Working with Couples course run in Liphook

‘An enlightening and fascinating insight into working with couples’

‘If you have never worked with couples or only just started to this is a great 2 days to point you in the right direction and give you the tools and confidence to progress’

‘An enlivening and stimulating experience both on a personal level and a professional one’

‘This course has liberated me to feel able to communicate with, and enable, my couple therapy work. I am more confident of dealing with sexual malfunctions and sexual language in my work with clients’

‘Helpful, informative, challenging

‘Great vibrant 2 days…. I really learnt alot and felt empowered’

‘Great workshop’

‘I feel better prepared to see couples as well as feel more confident to discuss sexual issues with individuals’

‘A terrific course run in Juliet’s original style – well delivered and really hit the spot’

Working with Couples course run in Bristol

‘Helpful, insightful and fascinating for self and clients – both one-to-one and couples’


‘A challenge, a thought provoking, stimulating course with plenty of humour’

‘If you want information and process about counselling/therapy for couples – this is the place to come regardless of your favoured modality of working’

‘Very clear and concise course, develping a deeper understanding of relationship and sexual issues’

‘Intense course, dense with information but made easy to grasp through exercises and thorough explanations’

Working with Couples course run in Claughton, Lancashire

‘A very well run, challenging but comfortable course for those working in the therapeutic services’

‘An exceptional learning experience, expertly facilitated to provide knowledge, references from clinical experience, and enthusiasm and encouragement to develop the skills required for couples work’

‘The course was stimulating, enjoyable, practical and presented in an easy relaxed style that took the anxiety out of the training’

‘A fun-filled approach to a delicate and complex relationship difficulty’

‘This course is a must for all therapists’

Working with Couples course run in Docklands, East London

‘I just wanted to thank you so very much for the course. I had a great time and learned so much, it was all so helpful and relevant, exsactly what I needed, well worth the trip from Egypt! I will highly recommend you. I will attend another one for sure. Also the poems were fab and added to the whole experience so thanks for passing them on.’

‘Juliet’s open and warm way of training makes what could be an uncomfortable subject really easy to learn about. I’ve loved this 2-day workshop and it has inspired my confidence’ Amanda Falkson, Psychotherapy City

‘I really enjoyed this workshop from applying for a place to the end of the 2 days, I fult nurtured and able to take risks. Juliet’s style really encourages learning though experiencing – thank you’ Debbie Vowles

‘An inspirational workshop that will empower the therapist and give them the confidence to have a go with the right support / supervision’ Delphine Nye

‘An essential first into couple / sexual relationship therapy’ Elaine Mckenzie MAMBACP

‘A thorough experience and excellent introduction to a huge subject – I am surprised at how much confidence it has given me to pursue further’ Julia Bueno

‘It is incredible to think that so much practical instruction can be packed into just two days. One of the best constructed courses I have attended’ Andrew Pickles

Working with Couples course run in Teddington

‘An ideal course for people starting to work with couples’ G. Isaacs, Therapist and Counsellor

‘This is an inspired and inspiring ocurse. The best course I have attended for a very, very long time’ Katherine Cox, Psychotherapist

‘Excellent course. Really felt I got my money’s worth. Felt that I have benefitted on both a professional and personal level. Feel inspired to do other courses on relationships and sex therapy.’ K Richardson, Counsellor

‘I have learnt to use the power of the relationship to communicate with each other and not the power of the therapist and to trust myself to be experimental’ Judith Chapman, Talking Therapies, Clinical Service Manager

‘This course was very instructive on both a professional and personal level. I felt free to take with me approaches that resonate with my experience (professional and personal) and leave when seemed less relevant to me’

‘The day provided me with increased insight into the couple relationship, useful in one-to-one and couples work, and broadened my skills for dealing with their sexual issues’ Angela Scannel, Psychotherapist/Counsellor

‘A lively and informative introduction to couples work with space for asking questions and for being honest and authentic’

‘Stimulating and challenging tow days’

‘A valuable experience for everyone starting to consider working with couples – highlights the many issues that need to be considered or may arise when doing so’ Juliette Clancy

‘The course has extended my knowledge and confidence of working with couples, both relationships and some sexual issues. A very interesting and helpful two days’ Sally Greenfield, Counselling Psychologist, CBT therapist and supervisor

‘Juliet’s workshop is a good and thorough introduction to couples work. Informative and humorous’ Rojer Wheildon Psychotherapist

‘The perfect introduction to couples counselling, well worth the wait to attend the course and travelling from Egypt’ Moyra Evans, Private Practice Counsellor

‘Emphasis on inclusivity ie addresses and accommodates needs and experience and different participants’ Sandra Dickson, NLP Psychotherapist and Coach

‘I left this course feeling confident about working with couples and discussing sexual problems with my clients’ Karen Meager, Psychotherapist

‘Every therapist should attend’ Tony Warren, Psychotherapist

‘Enjoyable, fulfilling and a great enterance to understand couples counselling’ Anthea Adams, Psychotherapist Private

Working with Couples

‘Fabulous, loved it. You have a very relaxed and easy style, I have learnt an enormous amount, and can’t wait for the advanced version of this course. Excellent value for money. And great handouts too.’ Janet Seymour, Counsellor

‘I felt very energised and excited by the end of the course. I found your down to earth and straight talking approach really helped me feel more confident about raising and talking about sexual issues, and reminded just how important this area is in our and our clients lives. The course has helped me feel more confident about working with couples in my private practice and I have already told Cruse I’m available to work with a couple if they have any referrals. I thought the content was excellent I learnt so much. The pace was good with plenty of breaks.’ Jules Jordan – BACP Member, Cruse Counsellor, Private Practice.

‘Thanks for a truly informative two days. I didn’t get bored, it is also the first time I have come away and wanted to read through the manual. I find the manual clear, informative and interesting. I feel that my interest was/is down to your training style.’ Fiona Perris: Creative Solution Focused Therapy.

‘You created a really good all-round coverage of the many main issues that come up in couples’ work – and it’s not easy to adequately summarise these!’ Lisa Robinson.Psychotherapist

‘Thank you for this. It was a very useful 2 days and I’m looking forward to putting some of the new skills I’ve learnt into action. It’s great to have the hand outs to refer to!’ Janet Daniel, Psychotherapist.

‘The course has helped me so much, the information and stuff I learned has been invaluable. The biggest thing was getting them talking to each other through decentering. They both said how effective they found that particular bit, albeit sometimes difficult. I do feel that much more confident in dealing with these issues.’ Sue Venables: Human Givens Therapist, with Diplomas in Hypnotherapy and CBT

‘The training course was fantastic! I learned so much and the way Juliet delivered the material was dynamic and interesting. There was a really comfortable feeling about the whole thing. I never thought talking about sex and intimacy could be so easy! I can’t wait to attend the next one!’ – Charlotte Law

‘Thanks for a great two days. I enjoyed every minute and found the blend of your knowledge, gained from years of experience, together with the opportunity to learn by practising what we had heard, extremely informative and enabling. I have a totally different take on couples work now. Many renewed thanks’ – Richard

‘Juliet you are simply inspirational. Thank you. Words fail me’ Sarah Kelsey

‘Thank you for the boost you gave me on the couples course in Ealing this year. I have to report having much more confidence in working with couples now and seem to have many more appearing on my doorstep.’ John speirs

‘I have worked with some couples and have used the de-centring every time, and feel it has helped the clients and I feel more confident which can only be good for the clients. So many thanks for the course it has been ongoingly helpful!’ – Susie Ottway

Thank you very much for the recent introduction to couple counselling course. It was extremely helpful in all sorts of ways both professionally and personally. I feel happy to start working with couples now and look forward to attending other courses with you in the future. With thanks,’ Helen Willcox Counsellor

‘The course was excellent, I liked the quality of information from Juliet and her enthusiasm for the subject.’ Cathy Fullegar, Counsellor

The parts of the 2 days that were most useful were:
‘1st day – practice of 1st session, negotiations, communication’ ‘First day’ ‘All of it’ ‘Roleplay but found it hard’ ‘Role plays/input’ ‘The whole of the course was excellent – and the balance between discussion and practice.’

The specific benefits delegates gained from attending the workshop were: ‘Practice in couple counselor role and learning some specific techniques’ ‘Confidence to have a go – especially to use decentering’ ‘Learned practical techniques and physiological information, affirmed by own practice, made good potential contacts.’ ‘This course has allowed me to find my confidence in working with couples’ ‘Mutual support and encouragement. Written ‘recommended’ books and exercises. No demand for self-disclosure’ ‘Confidence in meeting couples – approaching and working with couples’ ‘I really feel that I can continue offering counseling to couples. I have started and did not feel as confident as I would have liked. I will study the handbook and get on with reading. I feel very empowered.’ ‘Confidence to work with couples and sexual issues.’ ‘The quality of information from Juliet and her enthusiasm for the subject, the sharing of ideas with other therapists, the time to reflect on both theory and practice.’

Juliet’s style was described as:
‘I liked it’ ‘Great! Fun and permission giving’ ‘Excellent, direct, honest, well paced. Good balance of practice and theory and humour.’ ‘I loved it! So relaxed and down to earth. Very comprehensive and informative.’ ‘Extroverted, bouncy, ‘in your face’ – could have ‘reflected’ more in a pair. ‘Very real/present, open and light and grounded.’ ‘I found Juliet’s style excellent. Just challenging enough, very easy to follow, lots of time for questions, very interesting. The practical exercises were also very useful’ ‘Excellent, especially modeling interventions’ ‘Excellent – Juliet has a very energetic and energizing approach to her work, creating stimulation of interest in a relaxed atmosphere.’

Working with Couples

‘Thank you for an inspirational course this week! Lots of personal aha moments. I look forward to working with you again soon.’ Carolyn Hall, MA and Dip Integrative Psychotherapy

I wanted to thank you for the brilliant course Intro to Couples counselling last Thursday and Friday in Teddington. I think you got the mix just right. Kathy Hudnott Chartered Counselling Psychologist

The parts of the 2 days that were most useful were:
‘Decentering and client experience’ ‘Role play stressful but in many ways the only way to learn!’ ‘All’ ‘Handouts’ ‘Practical exercises’ ‘Most of it very helpful’ ‘Generally found all content good’ ‘Role play’ ‘Practicing as therapist. The information, the questions Juliet asks’ ‘All of it’ ‘Sex part.’

The specific benefits delegates gained from attending the workshop were: ‘More confidence to decentre and coach’ ‘Whole load of info, insight into a whole new area of work’ ‘Whatever do, do further study, increase confidence’ ‘Feeling more confident and working with couples, gained useful tips and techniques’ ‘Broadened my awareness/knowledge’ ‘Better understanding of what couples work entails – some really useful insights!’ ‘More knowledge and increased confidence in working with sexual issues and the possibility of working with couples’ ‘Learnt a lot of techniques for working with couples, will find talking about sex easier than before’ ‘Found the 2 days very good, felt that Juliet covered details clearly, was easy to interact with’ ‘A good introduction to being comfortable working with couples, very pleased to have all the material to read through now’ ‘Lots of practice as therapist, lots of information and skills, enjoyable contact with others on course in small groups, literally doing role plays made to feel real’ ‘I was affirmed in my presumed ability to do this work. It also enabled me to understand myself sexually better’ ‘Roleplay was useful to have a go at using the skills, feel know more about how to work and manage difficult situations with couples, understand more about sexual difficulties’ ‘Information and experience on which to build courses for clinicians’ ‘Leaned about sex issues I had not known.’

Juliet’s style was described as:
‘Grounded, open, clear, excellent’ ‘Very relaxed, grounded, liked it’ ‘Warm, grounded’ ‘Very relaxed and humorous, well-organised and spaced’ ‘Excellent, very relaxed, open, good humour’ ‘Excellent style – just the right mix of participation/listening’ ‘Excellent, relaxed and competent’ ‘Excellent’ ‘Relaxed/confident and professional/informative’ ‘Lively and energizing!’ ‘Very lively, engaging, she didn’t hold all the enthusiasm and energy but invited us to participate. I don’t feel tired or drained at the end, yet was presented with a huge amount of info’ ‘Absolutely right – open, clear, factual, amusing… I learnt easily in consequence’ ‘Love it – relaxed, open honest and real’ ‘Relaxed and approachable’ ‘Excellent, friendly, humorous but serious.’

After a Day with Juliet on Gender and Sexuality. ‘The day you did with us was a life-saving day…..because I would have had no clue about how to approach issues to do with sex and sexuality when working with clients. Even though I’ve always found it very easy to talk about sex with my girlfriends – in great detail (!), it’s another matter in front of strangers or men. Through the work you did with us, we really ‘broke through’ or ‘let down’ social ‘barriers’ and that was so liberating! In the evening a group of us went out for dinner and kept forgetting that it wasn’t quite the socially accepted norm to keep shouting and laughing out loud about muffs and vibrators! The barriers had simply vanished… they’re back in place now I’m sorry to say but I now have an internal reference experience to draw upon for when it’s needed. It was a fabulous day and I would love to do more! ‘

Working with Couples

“I just wanted to thank you personally for a wonderful weekend…[for] your wonderful refreshing style – authentic, without dogma, ego or pretence, open, warm and down to earth. I learned so much and I would love to do more – maybe even repeat that first one as there was so much in it…. I think to learn about that relationship is probably the most important thing on earth, and you make it so accessible and understandable. Thank you for your creativity, poetry, music, humanity and humour” Suzy Malati MA MBACP (Accred) UKCP

Working with Couples course run in Chelwood

‘Very useful 2 days, very interesting and well thought out course that met my requirements and also made me want more’ Robbie Jenkins, Family Support Worker

‘Excellent introduction to couple work, very practical, very thorough, very safe and very funny’ Gill Wyatt, Counsellor

‘Very interesting. The course has inspired me to work more with couples’ Eva Ashmore, Volunteer Counsellor Help Counselling

Working with Couples course run in Lancs

‘Very good indeed, Juliet is very real and experienced – it showed and I learned a great deal. Engaging and useful two days’ Margaret, Accredited Private Practitioner

‘Brilliant – nice mix of theory and practice – very helpful supervision / mentoring during exercises. This was such a well planned and well structed course; I left with new ideas and new skills that will translate directly into my practice’ Ann Langham, Psychotherapist

‘Fun, friendly, fast and thought provoking’ Christine Hyde, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

‘Juliet has extensive experience which she was able to relate theory to – un-stuffy and approachable. Thoroughly enjoyed the course’ Mrs Mel Harrison, Counsellor, Trainer and Supervisor

Working with Couples course run in Exeter

‘Exciting and stimulating’ A B Carter, Security Officer

‘Mind expanding’ Jan Finn, Counsellor/Coach

‘I have gained confidence to start to add couple work to my counselling practice’ Tricia St Clair, Counsellor

‘If you are wondering whether couple work is for you, or if you have started and are lacking confidence in your ability, come along to this course! Juliet’s style is warm and encouraging.’ Rachel Lane, Counsellor

”Juliet is an excellent tutor whom I fully recommend to others. This course has proved enormously useful for improvingmy practice for working with couples’ Carolyn Gillan, Integrative Counsellor

‘So excited about working with couples, left me wanting more information and knowledge’ Tracy Groves, Counselllor

‘Really valuable experience both in terms of learning and meeting other therapists. it was also great fun and made the subject of sex easy to talk about’ Julie Wyman, Counsellor

‘The course is enlightening, informative and great fun. The information is fascinating and the practical learning will be invaluable’ Robin Tay, Counsellor and participation worker for CAMHS

‘A course packed with information and exercises with a fun and energetic facilitator’ Mandy Colwill, Counsellor