Juliet’s waiting list

Juliet sometimes has a waiting list for therapy which can be very long.

Part of the reason for this is because she prioritises people who attend her Pesso Boyden  System Psychotherapy (PBSP) Personal Development year long experiential groups.  Juliet is such a strong believer in the efficacy of PBSP that she feels she can be most effective as a couple therapist, when people are doing their own individual work through PBSP alongside their couple therapy.

This is because so much of the ‘trouble’ in our relationship has its roots in our childhood.  For example, the man who found his wife controlling realised that his mother had been controlling, and when in a PBSP session he healed that, he said (with a smile on his face, realising the irony of what he was saying), “My wife has completely changed.  I no longer find her controlling!”   The woman who arrived in a PBSP session saying her husband was aggressive, found the root was her violent father.  Her husband had a loud voice, but he didn’t often shout and was very rarely truly aggressive.  She however, because of her childhood was terrified of all anger and conflict.  Over time, doing PBSP sessions, she found her tolerance for her husband’ loud voice increased,  and she realised that she had been over-sensitised to aggression by her father’s violence.  Now, the signs that what she had previously labelled as aggression she labelled as passion, and no longer found him threatening.

So those people doing Pesso Boyden groups with Juliet will be put higher on the list, than those people who simply want couple therapy.  Sometimes they bypass the waiting list altogether.  Juliet is dedicated to helping couples improve, and thinks the two-pronged approach of couples therapy alongside attending a PBSP group is the quickest, most effective and lasting way to make the necessary changes to the relationship.