Covid 19 and PBSP


1) To ask participants to take a lateral flow test at home the day before the workshop.  If this is positive you will be asked not to attend the workshop.  There will not be a refund for the cost of the workshop at this stage. 

2) To use a thermometer at the start of each day.  If anyone has a temperature they will be asked to isolate themselves somewhere safely for 2 hours and then re-test. If their temperature is still high, they will be asked to go home.  There will not be a refund for the cost of the workshop at this stage. 

3) To provide hand gel in the room

4) To offer clear face visors to those who want them

5) To use a ‘fogger’ at least once a day, with a fragrance free non toxic disinfectant that is effective against covid 19 within 5 minutes.  (to see the kind of thing look at this page and click on the video showing what we use in the holiday let we have in south wales.  (The one I bring to the workshop will be smaller).  The data sheet for the disinfectant I use is here Covisan product info   and here to Safety data sheet

6) To ask people to bring their own blankets & cushions to snuggle into, if they prefer this.

7) To ask those who wish to, to bring their own packet of tissues.

8) Windows and doors will be kept open as far as possible, so people should bring warm clothes.

9) Anyone who wants to can wear a mask and gloves. 

10) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is if you have any symptoms – even mild ones- (see list below) or are living with or have been near anyone who has symptoms, then please do not come to the workshop

11) If you are able to self isolate before the workshop that would be good – if everyone is able to do that it would be ideal!  Two weeks isolation is perfect.

12) If you do have to pull out of a Pesso Boyden workshop because of Covid (or other illness) Juliet hopes to have a waiting list of people who are wanting a place. However, she cannot guarantee this, and if no one will take your place, you will be asked to pay in full for the workshop.