Feedback from PBSP courses

P1120660b_ 1Feedback from courses

Enthusiastic Feedback from first Pesso session Click here

Feeback from a counsellor after her first Pesso Boyden Session (NB they are not all as powerful as this one was!!  But this shows what is possible.  Polly has not been back for a second session, because the changes have lasted.    Click here

Feedback from Juliet’s four-day Residential Workshops using Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) click here

Feedback from 8 Day Pesso Ongoing Groups click here

Feedback from One and Two Day Pesso Boyden (PBSP) Workshops with Juliet Grayson: Open to Everyone click here

Feedback from Slippery Slope PBSP Workshop click here

Feedback: my first experience of a PBSP day by Ron Downs, a corporate executive, click here

Feedback from a counsellor two months after she experienced her first structure (short article)  click here