Feedback from 4 day residential PBSP

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Feedback from recent residential Pesso

From a man who describes himself as ‘Not the kind of man who’d usually do something like this!!’

Two years ago I would have never have seen myself doing a Pesso Boyden course. It has been an amazing uplifting experience.  It’s a big leap of faith, but you are beautifully guided and your hand is held firmly by Juliet from the first minute to the last.  Once you engage and really take it into your heart the benefits are outstanding.  I will never forget the 3 days I have spent here. I absolutely know I’ll leave here feeling a different person, and I suspect I always will.

It’s an experience which can be so enriching and as a residential gives time and space to individual needs. Pat Hoare. Accredited Counsellor/Supervisor.

The residential seems to allow the group to bond more deeply and so the personal work seems to go deeper too. The time available allows participants to find their ‘best’ moment to have a structure. Tom Corbishley

I learnt a lot about myself and the way I function as a human being. Despite only being an observer/participant, the others’ structures all resonated with me in some sense. Having that length of time with the group really allows people to settle in, switch off from what they have left behind, and begin to loose their masks and open up….get to know each other a little. Emma Finch, Reflexologist, Devon

Being residential is so positive. All thoughts of wrapping up for the day and the need to go somewhere/get home etc can be set aside. So while it is intense, the process is a bit like the focusing of the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass in order to burn paper – it takes time before the process takes effect. Andrew Christensen, participant

Really enjoyed the evening with William. Listening to William’s lovely voice reading poetry is always wonderful and very reassuring and heart warming. The lovely thing about 3 days and residential is that you develop a sense of really being part of a community. There is time to get to know people much better. There is no sense of hurry [not that there is with Juliet anyway] but if someone needs slightly longer for a structure [like I did] then it is possible to accommodate this when it is a residential. Karen Corbishley – Complementary Therapist

It’s an opportunity to experience deeply healing work in a really safe space. The additional time, the restful surroundings, being cooked for and having time to chat to people makes all the difference.

I love the venue, which has a great energy and feels totally secure. Andrew Christensen

The residential “feels very different to the 2-day ongoing group sessions. Just lovely having the venue and the food and the connection over eating and in between things, feels much more supportive than going back to a B+B separately at nights, less hard work.” Rose

Its a wonderful experience which I doubt many people have ever known. Its like being held in a warm healing bubble of love. Pat Hoare. Counsellor/Supervisor and Group therapist.

The Pesso Boyden work is good to begin with, so when you mix it with the special atmosphere of a residential set-up, something extra happens. It’s what I call the rolling crescendo. The group goes wider, deeper and higher. Great! Tom Corbishley – Trainee psychotherapist

It is definitely a special space that can only be created by a residential. The group bonded really quickly and I don’t think this could be achieved any other way. Three days in a row added to the intensity as well… I seemed much more receptive to learning from other peoples structures which resonated with me much more deeply. Kim Hamilton

Feedback from residential Pesso 2012

When asked ‘How satisfied were you with the workshop’? The average score was 9.72 out of 10 .

Thanks again for the all the wonderful Pesso gifts over the years – they help me every day of my life – and my EarthSpirit Place structure is still unfolding in the loveliest ways.

I got a huge amount from this workshop, more than from any other I think. Specific learnings from my structure: a feeling, which I’m still gradually absorbing, of how it would be to have been really loved and wanted and held completely acceptingly and non-judgmentally as a baby, without that in any way damaging my sister who was equally loved and wanted, and with the support of not just ideal parents and sister but also grandparents and a larger support group, so there was always someone there…. I realise that, with the best will in the world, my real family couldn’t offer all of that, because they hadn’t received it either – and somehow I feel softer and more understanding towards them now as a result.

Finally, in terms of what I got from the workshop, there was also a huge amount of love and support and such a lovely group of people. I’d wondered whether I was being too self-indulgent doing the residential as well as the ongoing group, but can see how valuable it’s been, and that this is the way I want to go Rose: Still learning!

I just want to say thank you and that I may well still be following you around for quite a few years to come….!

By observing a skilled practitioner using a model unfamiliar to me, I gained a very clear view as to how the model worked. I might have gained more had I done a structure, but the choice not to was the right one for me.

Do it! because the total immersion gives more power to the experience and being residential gives deep containment: A therapist

This was a very rewarding residential with deep work by all participants. Benefits to me in my own work and in participation with others. Expertly facilitated. And the food was really interesting and nourishing.

One of the delights of the Pesso work is that the observation of, and participation in other people’s structures provides ideas an options for your own work. A three day residential allows for a rolling crescendo. Work can go deeper because participants tune in to the process, get to issues more quickly, and build confidence in the participants and facilitator. Tom – Pesso Boyden addict

A hugely powerful structure. Lots unfolding from it, including, so far: feeling able to relax much more easily at home, regardless of what J is doing; much less worried about getting into challenging discussions with J. I’m feeling more relaxed about the future – I know I just need to go at my own pace and that I’m far more likely to succeed and stay healthy like that than if I follow other people’s guidance (however well-intentioned). Only I know what it feels like to be in my body. I’m also more genuinely optimistic that things will improve with my partner J – he’s already treating me better. Seeing J’s structure was really helpful too.

I can now see really clearly that the multiple traumas and abusive family patterns in my early life and my resulting adult life-choices have all been hugely stressful and damaging, to the point of causing pretty severe physical, mental and emotional illness over the last 12-15 years. As a result, over the last 6 years, I’ve had to completely re-examine and re-programme almost every assumption I held about the world I grew up in and it’s been a full-time job – and an extremely challenging one at that. I trundled about in the garden today and felt the warmth of the sun behind the clouds and was able to feel relaxed and happy. Also calmly optimistic about the blossoming that will inevitably continue as spring really gets under way. Thank you for helping me to finally reach this place

It’s an opportunity to do deeply nourishing and lasting healing work with like-minded people in a really safe, supportive environment. Great food, handy accommodation and the time and freedom to relax and put yourself first. I’ve been on 4 of these residentials over the last 4 years (alongside other Pesso days) and they’ve been a hugely important part of my journey to recovery from severe M.E./complex PTSD and a great help in discovering who I really am. I’ve tried many different therapies over the years and Pesso has been by far the most effective, so I look back on these residentials as a really worthwhile investment in my future health and happiness.

I felt I addressed stuff that has been affecting me all my life and that I have spent much of my life trying to put right through therapy. The therapy I have had was good and overall I suffer less as a result of it, but the pesso structure somehow addressed it in a more holistic way, all the aspects of it, or a lot of them were addressed in a sort of visual tableau that I can bring to mind still and feel some of the relief and comfort it gave me at the time. I found the support of the others participants very heart warming and the experience of being in their structures very moving. Juliet you are a superb facilitator.

In terms of the course, I’d say come with compassion and an open mind. You need to detach a bit from the world in order to be relaxed and open to what ever emerges. Rushing off to catch trains would be limiting, also probably a good thing not to drink alcohol as alcohol would maybe distort the experience which needs to settle and integrate at its own pace.

As an Observer I resonated more than expected with others’ structures. The first day I felt emotionally exhausted, but day two I felt uplifted and empowered. Most enlightening, thank you.

I could not have asked for more, although I think I could have benefited from doing a structure myself.

It’s well worth it. Having time to let go of the outside world is really beneficial because you can relax more and allow change to happen. No cooking, cleaning, work…. It’s also really helpful to work in a group, because you gain so much through growing close to people, and witnessing their structures.

Thanks for a remarkable 3 days. The venue was fabulously quiet and felt safe. Food was tasty. The thing I like best about the Pesso work is the control the client’s pilot has over the nature and direction of the work. I found it helpful in opening further insights which had been blocked previously.

The group experience is important, building trust and “holding” when needed. Pat Hoare. BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor.

I have come away from the workshop with a better level of self-awareness and possibly a better understanding of my own emotional intelligence.

It was lovely to experience what having an ‘ideal father’ would have felt like, to fill holes in roles, and to participate in other people’s structures, I got a lot out of these and they topped up my own structure much more than I thought they would. I experienced a real high from the whole course.

I came without any expectations. It was a little piece of heaven on earth… perfect place for taking the chance to find some solitude in order to analyse the experiences of the day. Beautiful surroundings and amazing food.

Come for 3 days…because you can connect on a much deeper level with the people on your group, and develop an understanding of why people sometimes behave the way they do. The structures do not feel rushed and the healing continues and builds over the whole three days. Elaine W

Feedback from residential Pesso 2011

William was awesome. Very open, and encouraging, and immensly talented! Thank you, to you both

It’s good to have the time to settle, relax…and with that comes opening. It’s also better to stay put in one place so that you can focus on the Pesso work, rather than having to think about the ‘outside’ world and cooking dinner!

I created what i need to move forward ….. I also saw my partner move forward and gain both personal change and insight and a different way of being with a group.

The group really jelled and was much more supportive than day sessions. The 3 day format enables a big enough group for choice about roles and more complex role playing plus everyone get a turn. Residential enabled me to relax and get away from it all much better

This residential Pesso Boyden workshop is a life changing experience. It has enabled me to experience a very profound new way of being in a deeply supportive safe and held environment.

It was my first experience of a Pesso structure and I found it a very powerful modality

I really enjoyed the way William put the poems into the context of his own life experiences and I thoroughly enjoyed the poems themselves.

There was enough time to allow the structures to develop for each person, with time for sharing.

Personally, I would have preferred a slightly shorter lunch and an earlier finish in the evening.

Being part of the group and interacting with others, both inside and outside the Pesso structures, was invaluable.

I learnt so much about myself and others and was amazed, inspired and touched by the various stories. This felt like the shift that you might experience after months of therapy in only three days.

I really appreciated your approach and style as a therapist and the way you worked with me in my structure. I feel you are truly a master of your craft, and for that I thank you.

Earth Spirit has a lovely feel and the staff are welcoming.

The benefit of a Pesso residential is having an on going group in which to establish trust and safety which really enable structures and exploration to flow.

I think you are very skillful and am so glad that I discovered you and Pesso. Thank you for being special Juliet.

I’ve got so much out of the experience – more than I can write

An opportunity to relax and be taken care of in a safe, nurturing environment and to allow some really deep healing to occur.

Feedback from residential Pesso 2010

A residential becomes a unit and a place where trust can be established and grow. The Group is a vital part of Pesso work.

It’s an opportunity to connect more fully with other participants and to build trust, so going deeper into your own work feels safer and more supported. Other people are also willing to deal with deeper issues, so witnessing their structures can be especially healing too. Also, having accommodation and meals on site allow you to relax more and just go with the flow of the experience. There are opportunities to process your experiences while you are there e.g. to ask Juliet questions and share thoughts with others which wouldn’t happen on a one day course.

Opportunity for inspiration and learning from others’ courage ….. good to have handouts re theory, they were fab and very helpful.

I really liked the general feeling and atmosphere of the place.

It really helps build the trust to be in a group for that length of time, when you’re all involved in each other’s structures and all eating and chatting together between sessions.

It gives you an opportunity to get away from the rat-race. You have the opportunity to explore yourself without interruption in a very safe and friendly environment where everyone is there to get something out of it for themselves but are also willing to give to others to enable them to do the same.

Learnt more, it seemed to get deeper and I saw more from others especially how couples coped.

Feedback from residential Pesso Boyden workshop February 2009

This is a summary of the feedback from those who responded

How satisfied were you with the workshop:
Everyone scored the workshop as 5 out of 5

What did you get out of the workshop;
Healing and learning, greater clarity about my patterns and where some of my stuff came from. I am interested to see what happens as I take the next steps and whether I now have ‘permission’ for change and also how I experience myself in my family and how to, or whether I need to, establish a current persona for myself that reflects who I am now.

The holes in roles scenario was very enlightening. It brought to the forefront something that has always been there but I have never looked at or dealt with.. I came away feeling satisfied with the event.

An enormous amount – a lot from my own structures and loads from other people’s. Even more than on previous Pessos – feels like it was something to do with the 3 days and being residential. Everyone was there because they were willing to “go deep” and really heal themselves, not just as a gesture or to log up some CPD points! So many insights I can’t remember them all . I can’t think of anything that was missing for me. Thank you!

I was able to deal with unresolved issues which had been with me since childhood. Other insights still emerging by way of dreams.

I gained clarity through my own structure but also through the role play. I am more clear about the way forward. I also recognised how far I have come so far and this was a positive and unexpected insight.

 What did you think of the room we worked in;
Average score 4.25 out of 5


The accomodation;
Average score 4

a little cold (see note above about the heating being faulty)

The food;
Average score 4.5 out of 5

Good energy/atmosphere there; privacy excellent; felt very at home

Lovely atmosphere, good to be taken care of so well, nice to have the place to ourselves in a way, excellent food (I normally get a bit worn out without animal protein, but I didn’t miss it at all).

Why would you advise others to go for 3 days;
Can go deeper & build on the work because you don’t have to go back into your life right away. Very supportive to be in a group of individuals committed to their own growth.

It gets you away from your everyday commitments, gives you time to think without distractions, time for yourself.

It’s an opportunity to go much deeper in your own work and to see other people’s deep structures, which in turn can be immensely healing. The residential aspect allows you to really focus on yourself without outside distractions. It also allows space for the unconscious to process, leading to even more insights than usual. It also feels “safer” somehow – perhaps because there’s time to get to know the others a bit and to bond as a group. Somehow it felt as though all of us were there because we were really committed to giving ourselves the gift of healing work. I found the experience incredibly powerful – somehow much more so than doing 3 separate Pesso days. I would definitely prefer to go for this approach in future, although it’s great to have the option of 1 day top-ups in between.

The value in spending time with group,eating together,bringing shared experiences both in and out of sessional group time.

That you bond deeply with the other course members, and you get into a bubble away from the realities of life and that helps you to process more effectively without outside pressures. It also brings about a trust and a calmness when you have only yourself to take care of. Three days were needed to carry out the work for a group of this size, so there was no rush involved.

This experience offered a powerful therapy with an intuitive and trustworthy therapist which enabled effective and insightful growth and understanding.

Juliet, You’re fabulous! I’m so glad X encouraged me to come along to that first Pesso in Harrow. Thank you for your skill, care, patience, wisdom and enthusiasm. It’s lovely to have such a great role model for me as a therapist too.

A really positive experience which enables emotional freedom in a safe group setting. Juliet is a very skilled therapist.