An Introduction to PBSP by Al Pesso

Intoduction to Pesso System/Psychomotor
Albert Pesso, Transcribed by Claude Marchessault

What this work is about is to help people become who they are. The assumption is that the only way people can become comfortable living in this world is to live from themselves. When we don’t live as who we really are, we get all the symptoms and all the strains, and all the stress that people complain about when they come here.

It seems that there is a pressure and a push from the inside to realize ourselves. And it’s not something that we choose or don’t choose, but it is a physiological, psychological and spiritual push to become the people that we actually are: to realize ourselves. The word that makes the most sense to me when I speak about this, is soul – we have to realize our souls. It’s a spiritual push. When we are not ourselves we cannot possibly be happy.

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