Subsidy for PBSP

The Pesso Boyden Bursary Fund

This was started by someone who had a structure with me (Juliet), and ‘gets’ the benefit of Pesso Boyden work, and the impact that it has. In PBSP we provide healing interactions so that the soul and the ego can develop in harmony. As Bessel Van Der Kolk notes in his book, The Body Keeps The Score, PBSP is invaluable for early damage created by minor (or serious) neglect; parents who were not really as loving as they should have been; and trauma.

Since then, other people who have benefited from PBSP themselves, and have seen the power of the work, have offered me a sum of money to use to benefit strangers – people unknown to the donor.  Sometimes this comes without any conditions.  Sometimes the donor prefers to make a request, for example: one benefactor asked that it should be used to fund people who are new to PBSP and who might really be helped by having one structure.  Another donor gave me some money and asked that I use it for people who were already attending my groups, but who could only afford one structure – the donation is used to offer them a second structure at half price.

2016 I was given £1000
2017 I was given £1000
2018 I was given £5000, plus one individual was sponsored to join an ongoing group for 4 years
2019 two donors gave £1250 (£750 and £500)
2020 three donors gave £1770 (£250 and £1000 and £520) (as at Nov 20th 2020)

However the available funds to offer a subsidy currently stand at just £6.26.  So I need to build up the funds!!

Applicants (people applying for a subsidised place) should email with a one page of A4 answering the following questions

1) What attracts you to PBSP

2) How ready do you feel to change

3) Please give brief details of your financial situation, and why you cannot afford to pay the full fee for the workshop

4) Which ongoing group or workshop you would like to attend (the list of available workshops is at

5) Your name, phone number (landline and mobile), address and email

Donors: If anyone else feels like adding a small donation to this, even £10 helps, it would be much appreciated, and will be used to help people who want to attend PBSP sessions but are unable to afford it.

Generally when someone gets a subsidised place, I use the subsidy to pay two thirds, and I (Juliet) personally subsidise this by one third.

As one of my clients said to me recently, this work is life-changing. And how lovely that someone is willing to fund this therapy for people who they don’t know and will never meet. THANK YOU to the anonymous donor!!!