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Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor: Closed Ongoing Groups with Juliet Grayson, Open Workshop and Residential 4-day workshops.

The Pesso Boyden system is a profound body based therapy that aims to help clients to be more of who they truly are.  The aim of PBSP  is for  clients to move towards living a life of pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness.  A core  principle of PBSP, as Al Pesso, the co-founder says, is that “we are made to be able to be happy in an imperfect world, that is endlessly unfolding.”

PBSP is an individual therapy that is usually done within  a group (although one to one sessions are also possible).  During a structure, whch is the name given to a client session, the client begins talking about what is happening right now, or about an issue that has been bothering them.  The therapist will listen carefully, and help  the client to become more aware of the way that they are thinking about this issue, by externalising the inner landscape of their mind.  They will pay attention to where the root of the pattern may be found, which is often in  the client’s history.  Then, the therapist and client carefully co-create an alternative history, that more closely fits what the client needed as a child.  This is done using group members to role play Ideal Figures that were needed in the client’s past.  Thus we help the client to create a symbolic, believable, alternative history that is an improvement on the client’s real history.   In PBSP we  work with both the soul and the ego, to fill childhood deficits, develop the thinking part of the client, deepen their awareness of their own process, support them to integrate and unify their polarities (such as power and vulnerability, or mind and body), and help them to fulfill their unique potentiality.

The shape of the day for an ongoing group: the day starts with a brief introduction from each of the group members. Juliet will then facilitate four structures during the day, usually two before lunch and two after lunch.  We close with a few words from group members.

Juliet Grayson will run three different ongoing groups in the UK in 2024.  These are all in South Wales in 2023.  One in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, and the other 2 in Mitchel Troy Monmouthshire. These groups meet for two whole days – four times a year (making a total of eight days).   One of them (the Trealy New Group) will meet for 2 1/2 days each time.  Details are here 

Click here for info and prices for 2024 Chepstow Group

Click here for info and prices for 2024 Grandfather’s Axe Group. 

Click here for info and prices for 2024 for Trealy New Group

The ongoing groups are closed for a year at a time, meaning that they do not take in new members.  But once a year, each group ‘opens up’ and welcomes new members (subject to space).

The groups generally start, and take in new members the early part of the year.   The costs depends on which group you join and how many structures you choose to have.   For more info look for Ongoing Group on the calendar page

She leads residential four-day PBSP workshops in Somerset as well.