If you have a complaint about any course, please in the first instance discuss this with the trainer. 

If the issue remains unresolved then please email Juliet Grayson and copy in her assistant Sam  Please clearly state the grounds for the complaint with all relevant information.

Receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged within 7 days and you will receive a response to the complaint within 21 days of the commencement of the investigation.

Complaints can be made within 3 years of the incident.

An investigation will take place with the aims of:

  • Establish what went wrong and offer an explanation
  • Enable discussion between the complainant and Inter-action Training Ltd
  • Ensure an apology is given where appropriate
  • Identify actions to minimise the re-occurrence of the situation.  This may include monitored supervision, suspension from duties, or other measures deemed appropriate
  • Evidence from each party involved in the complaint will initially be heard separately

Complaints can be discontinued if the complainant fails or refuses to participate at any stage without good reason, or the complainant formally withdraws the complaint.  Both parties will be informed by letter.

Policy updated October 20th 2020