Feedback from clients after a PBSP day


Comments people have made after attending a Pesso Boyden day with Juliet Grayson

Comments from Pat Hoare: Audio File: click here to listen

  • Juliet has a spectacular ability to help people reach the deeper levels of emotion rather than drowning in content. Her intuitive control of the situation is breathtaking and the faultless way she confirms the emotions and the moves at every step of the way with the volunteer [client] is exemplary. Olive Hickmott NLP Master Practitioner, Coach & published Author of 3 books
  • I found the workshops really moving – the group work where the intention to assist others to heal was very different to concepts that I have seen. The concept of listening and witnessing each structure and learning that we all have similar things in our lives was also very significant to me.
  • I think it is a very difficult to describe the experience, but I think I would say it gets to a deeper level than anything else I have ever done.
  • It reaches parts years of therapy can’t reach; that it has an impact on pre verbal experiences, that the changes are visceral and immediate, that it can reach back beyond the personal into the family and ancestral collective consciousness. It feels like de-fragging a computer to make it run faster, or like running from a much better programme! Everything changes in a subtle way. I feel as if I have ‘moved on’. Myriel
  • Pesso is a very deep process to work on core issues, that usually relate to back to how we were parented. Its a process of ‘replacing’ key negative messages with clear, positive alternatives. Working with an experienced therapist, the client identifies the issue at both a conscious and subconscious level, is able to feel the pain of their childhood self. With the support of other participants guided by the therapist, the work is to recreate the ‘ideal parents’ who say what the needy child part needs to hear. The experience can be a profound healing process, where the client can better integrate their unmet needs with their adult self. Lilliana Gibbs, Counsellor
  • I was introduced to a lovely process (PBSP) that, while being directed by the facilitator, was highly client-orientated. I liked the work with symbols, ritual, anchoring, ‘adjacency’ and spatial marking. I loved the ‘resource’ emphasis as a gentle non-impositional means of reframing, and also the systemic nature of the work. Penny Tompkins Co-Author of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling.
  • I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in working with the defining difficult stories of their lives and transmuting them into something nourishing and supportive to their future development, both emotionally and spiritually. Sue Hollingsworth
  • A powerful method that respectfully cuts through to the underlying issues and provides opportunities for positive transformation that ripple forwards in ones life. Tom Corbishley
  • This system gets to the knub of things very quickly, even though it reveals the extent of work to still be done. Jill Jarvis
  • It works at a very deep level and it’s very powerful. It seems to be possible to do more work in far less time than with other techniques.
  • It is an approach that is very containing and offers a personal learning experience that gets away from pathologising and moves towards understanding a person’s struggles in a safe, loving space.
  • I think that the Pesso Boyden system provides a different kind of solution to conventional therapy. As a therapist I am glad I have sampled it as I can see it helps where conventional therapy fails. I would definately encourage Counsellors and Psychotherapist to sample it for that reason.
  • An interesting day, with the opportunity to personally experience or just observe.
  • Come and experience it first hand. You will not be disappointed. Pat Hoare.
  • Definitely go and watch the process then make a judgement and do a process yourself because both are very different.
  • It is a valuable experience and option on how to understand and move on with one’s bottom line problems. I have an enduring positive memory from my own experience of a structure, that I can call upon when my old negative thoughts rear their ugly heads. S. Lawrence
  • I have spent my life suffering from anxiety and depression. When I had a structure in PBSP with Juliet it went straight to the root of what was causing it. One structure has made a huge difference to how I feel. I no longer wake anxious every morning. Thank you Juliet, it has been a great help. I am planning to continue working with this, and join one of your groups. Since just one session has been so beneficial…I wonder what having 3 sessions over a year will do. It is such a relief to have let go of most of my anxiety. Janice Petesfield, secretary
  • Juliet is a great facilitator, a wise, experienced and safe pair of hands. I came on the course because I had been to another course she ran and found her such a good facilitator. By working experientially it is effective at a deep level, which is hard to articulate but one is left with a sense of being met and having shifted. Witnessing other people’s structures is also very moving and helps one identify and process one’s own issues. M Epstein.
  • This is a way of working with the different “voices” and subpersonalities that run as from the unconscious — using people and objects to bring these unconscious aspects alive. This method first of all creates understanding and insight into unconscious processes and historic wounding and then, through the creation of “ideal” parents implants fresh memories which challenge and heal the wounding. Adrian Longstaffe
  • It provides and way to change experience of own past history and to build a different future. A very powerful and respectful method for change. Ann Ingham NLP Psychotherpist
  • A really powerful, deep safe system carried out in a lovely location by a very skilled practioner. Sherry Lawrence, Student counsellor
  • It shows how we are all interconnected and can move us on by pushing our boundaries of allowing us to move and grow. It acknowledges that we might not have got what we needed and without blame helps to grow possibility for a future without the pain held in the past. Jess Mookherjee
  • The only way to understand it is to try it as its very difficult to describe and works like magic!
  • It is not only valuable if one does a structure. Taking part and observing are fascinating because you cannot fail to identify with some of the issues that arise with others, and examine one’s own adult behaviour in the light of one’s childhood experiences and reactions.
  • A very powerful therapeutic approach that can, in one session, start the process of deep healing that will free us to know happiness. Ghislaine Adams, Psychotherapist, UKCP reg.
  • A very safe, and respectful environment in which to explore deep-rooted anxieties or problems, with moments of seemingly immediate breakthroughs. Elaine Walsh
  • it is an extraordinary and powerful method of healing past hurts, especially those encountered in the family setting, and that the process is at the same time both gentle and very respectful.
  • it’s very safe, very interesting, very powerful…. the one-day courses can work as a perfect taster if you’re not sure…. nothing to lose really…. Rose
  • It is amazing and insightful to watch the depths of emotional experience that are reached in a very short time through this method. The work of an expert facilitator ensures that each client is led through their chosen issue using the support of the group present, until they have reached a positive place to move forward from. The level of self-understanding and relief felt by the client is tangible. Louise Price NLP Therapy
  • Juliet provided a good balance between experiential, observational and theoretical learning. Juliet is an excellent facilitator, safe, attentive to fine detail, assertive, good pace knowledgeable, clearly passionate about this work. Observing the process is incredibly valuable, rich and full of learning – doing a structure is full of surprises. (Sue Congram CPsychol. Business Psychologist The Space Between)
  • Firstly I would like to express my gratitude for your loving care at your Pesso Boyden day last Wednesday. The safety that you created gave me the space to continue to put myself up for the following session. I was amazed by how easy and comfortable I felt during others’ and my own. I am left feeling more peaceful within and not getting so hurt by things which may occur, as quite a lot of the intensity has gone. Thank you
  • Pesso is a means of unblocking negative patterns of behaviour which have been developed through past negative experiences, experiences which have hindered the way I live my life. With the help of role-playing, this technique has given me the tools to shift my thinking onto another more positive path. It has only been a few days since doing my structure, but already I feel a difference to the way I approach my life. I feel empowered, I just need the circumstance now to practice the new way I want to be! Emma Finch, Reflexologist
  • This method helps to become aware of certain dynamics in the family system. It feels like being aware of it makes people to be relieved without carrying `baggage` on their shoulders Stanka Krnacova, Student in Psychotherapy
  • Juliet is artful, attentive, present and challenging and if you have an opportunity to work with her…do. The PBSP workshop was an experiential therapeutic group that gives participants the opportunity to explore a particular current problem/issue that can be traced back to early childhood experiences that may have contributed to/caused the present day dilemma/situation etc. PBSP offers the participant the opportunity to have a ‘different childhood parental relationship’ that somehow facilitates the person to have a different experience that will enable immediate positive change. Jane Cato Psychotherapist
  • The method reaches parts that other therapies only reach after a very long time.
  • It was:- “really helpful in terms of sorting out the younger me. I’m reading the notes from my structure most days”
  • Juliet manages to combine deep, safe work with a satisfying sense of clarity and matter-of-factness and a sense that this [whatever the issue is] is nothing unusual, it is simply what we do… Adrian Longstaffe — Psychotherapist
  • This is like speed dialling the unconscious. James Thomas. Salesman.
  • I’ve found the Pesso Boyden courses to be highly enriching experiences. They produce great results. One of my own issues has been resolved and qualifies I believe, as a breakthrough. Juliet facilitates at a level that’s quite rare, in my experience. And merely being present on a day, and playing ‘roles’ for others is worthwhile too, as every single one of the ‘structures’ seemed to resonate – and thereby move forward something within me.  Which is sort of like getting an extra free gift that I couldn’t possibly have expected! Debra White. Coach.
  • Deep safe and sensitive work – very well held. Adrian Longstaffe. Therapist.
  • I’ve moved but I feel that I haven’t been touched physically, I mean I wasn’t pushed at all. It was very respectful, and very gentle, and yet I’m also aware I’ve gone through a very powerful experience. Something has definitely been moved. Thank you. FT. Head teacher.
  • This process took me into the nub of the things in a psycho-physical way which I haven’t before. And I’ve had 20 years of therapy! I’ll definitely be back for more. Amazing. Sam Walker. Engineer.
  • I’ve only done one structure, but this has enabled me to stop rescuing people, in particular my partner. As a result our relationship has improved significantly. Sue Bradshaw. Coach.
  • I found the whole experience very interesting, intriguing and rewarding. As mentioned at the time, I found something of impact in the work done by all those who did a structure. There were echoes in each person’s issue for me, so I got a great deal out of the whole day. And, most importantly, the impact has stayed with me, because of the powerful nature of the structures. From my own psychotherapeutic experience both as a counsellor and a client, I really enjoyed the novelty of the Pesso Boyden approach, I liked the directness of it, and was mesmerised watching the process as people manoeuvred their voices, people, and problems around the room with ease and how clear everyone was about what they wanted, how they wanted it, and corrected and refined their process as they went along. Equally I liked the gentleness of the process, and was really aware of the depth of the work that was going on – interestingly without huge cathartic screamings and roarings! Osanna Whitehouse.
  • Juliet has real integrity and a lightness of touch as a facilitator. and also very professional – I liked the way the whole thing ran like clock work. David Anderson
  • I was really impressed with the method, as well as being profoundly moved by the process and results. The work I did is really shifting things – just amazing. I love the way you established real safety and sense of community with no fuss, and I admired your tremendous skill in guiding the process. Judy Apps trainer and coach, and Director of ABL World Training and Coaching
  • Found my structure deeply moving and freeing – hadn’t realised quite how young that part of me was!! It has reinforced an alertness in me to notice and create opportunities to “lark around a bit”. I really want to nurture this part and give it plenty of space. (I think that if I had known how to do this in my earlier years “to play and join in” then perhaps I wouldn’t have needed to use schoolwork and further learning as a coping strategy……….. perhaps that’s why I drank too much – didn’t know how to play – what to do when I wasn’t working – so play became getting drunk.) Have also noticed a greater sense of compassion for my family. From a delegate
  • The day I attended in Preston actually made a profound impact on my level of personal happiness and self-concept; I feel [almost exactly one year later] as though I have body memory of the relief and joy which ran through me during my piece of work (installation?? Set??) – I can’t remember the terminology, but I have certainly absorbed the results. Thanks again for a transforming day. With fond memories. SF
  • Since my ‘Pesso Boyden’ experience, I seem to have gone into a state of deep reflection. It has caused me to review my contacts with my children and grandchildren. So I repeat my observation that your skill and sensitivity, which enabled ‘clients’ to explore and dig deep into the depths of their subconscious, in a safe, secure and supportive environment, was quite phenomenal. The Pesso Boyden ‘process’ allows the fastest access to deep and hidden emotions that I have ever seen. Tony Warren. UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist MBACP (Accred). NLPtCA (Accred).
  • I feel so positive!! Things, courses etc I’ve steered clear of I’m now making forward plans for. I almost feel I’m starting afresh with a new confidence and instead of thinking “it won’t last” I’m thinking about really getting my life in order. Gosh, I wish I’d heard of Pesso years ago! This is truly an amazing form of therapy…I thank you for sharing it with me, I also feel doubly pesso-ed as I had a reaction during the first session, not sure if you remember. I feel that I’ve recently been re-parented in such a short space of time, so exciting Thank you, love annie x Annie Lambley-Steel, Psychotherapist.
  • I so enjoyed working with you Juliet, you made me feel so safe and the Pesso method is so powerful I feel it is the equivalent of years in therapy. Mary O”Hagan, Managing Director, Vivace, Live Events Production Company.
  • Still feeling very helped and soothed by the Pesso process: it seems to ‘go deeper’ than many psychotherapies and have a lasting, structural kind of effect. Fergus Stokes, psychotherapist
  • I felt as if I had found a space where magic happens, and lives are transformed, and a peace beyond words begins to unfold.   A client who attended a oneday workshop.

After my first experience of a day of Pesso Boyden work, being the client and joining in other people’s work

About 2 weeks later I find myself trying to reflect on what happened that day, and its just as well I have written some notes as my world seems to have accelerated since then. I really had no idea what to expect during a day with Juliet and the Pesso Boyden system Psychomotor. Was it some sort of device, could you see it, I had no idea but something drove me to be curious. Maybe it was just Juliet’s e-mails.

So I joined the north London Group for a day in a colleague’s house in the lovely village of Harrow-on-the-hill. If you haven’t been there it is a real treasure, and an island of peace in the sunny outskirts of a very hot and noisy London. I have given up long ago having expectations of a day’s training; I always get lots I didn’t expect so why both expecting, I am just open to whatever happens and I knew it would be an adventure – most days in my life are like that.

I am an NLP Master Practitioner, specialising in health coaching and Juliet assured me I would be very at home with the Pesso Boyden “whatsit”, and I hadn’t spotted an odd Dr. Who device lurking in the corner.

The group was small, nobody knew each other and amid some late arrivals we started. I listened to the introduction, it sounded fine, but I really wasn’t a lot wiser. We started the first group with a volunteer; the session is called running their ‘structure’. Juliet indicated that there might be a voice or two that she would place above her head, like puppets….one of which was ‘the witness’ who observed the emotions, and she may put other voices there as necessary. The other people in the group were available to act out parts of the person running the structure, under Juliet’s control.

So, by the end of the structure, Juliet actually controlled 2 imaginary puppets above her head, and a whole cast of a play, not only giving them the dialogue to say, but moving them around and also changing their identity from time to time. So for about an hour Juliet runs this structure with a volunteer and the assembled cast; her intuitive control of the situation is breathtaking and the faultless way she confirms the emotions and the moves at every step of the way with the volunteer is exemplary.

Since my structure some things have lingered with me and developed further, a little like developing a photograph (for anyone who has ever seen the old fashioned way in a bath of solution). As the picture has slowly taken shape more insights have arrived to connect the pieces of the jigsaw I am always assembling.

Looking back now on my structure:

  • I experienced emotions I had never felt before
  • I had insights into how some emotions, such as “excellence” could also include a “do better” voice and together be very supportive rather than confrontational
  • The eyes of one particular “actor” (played by another member of the group) held my attention, and that continues to today, offering me a resource within myself that I doubt I would ever have found, without first being able to see it externally – as my observer/witness said “I see you are surprised!”
  • I have learnt to control some of my subconscious panic
  • One particular emotion that had a physical manifestation, has set me off on another voyage of discovery
  • I found that listening and acting in other people’s structures enormously helpful. When you are open to listening to stories and guided imagery you have points that resonate with you and then they drop away and then comes another thing that lands; and so it goes on in some strange oscillating movement, for me throughout a structure. This experience was quite extraordinary, as when I am working with a client, nothing lands, but then I suppose I am in a different state and totally focused on them.
  • Juliet has a spectacular ability to help people reach the deeper levels of emotion rather than drowning in content
  • The next morning my eyesight had cleared again, which is a sure sign with me of a major shift.
  • And lastly, listening to almost exactly what you have said coming back from one of the actors has the most profound effect, it is nothing like you saying these things to yourself in your internal dialogue or even out loud.


For those who are NLP Master Practitioners and have removed from clients their critical voice, the Pesso Boyden system is like dealing with several voices all in one hour, simultaneously.

Olive Hickmott for understanding how your mind effects your health

Just wanted to re-iterate what a powerful experience I had last Thursday, both watching and participating in others’ structures and doing my own. There were nuggets of gold and insights of differing shapes and sizes throughout – most profoundly when I was able to touch a piece of the grief I have been repressing over my parents’ (and our family’s) break-up. I had always seen them as two totally separate entities, never entwined as a couple. I found a few pictures of them together some time ago (they’re few and far between) that I now look at through totally different eyes. I can see the love they once had for each other and me, and the fun they had together. There will be more tears (and sounds, instead of swallowing?!) to come I’m sure, and they’ll be ‘good tears’. So thanks again to you for your skill, humility and visible compassion and empathy. – Rupert, Family Mediator

Written by psychotherapist Fiona Perris 11 days after doing a structure…she said I get ‘Recurring sensations of my structure that I can only describe as honeylike.’

I have a number of clients who I think would really enjoy your work and you are one of the very few Group Leaders I would unreservedly recommend – London-based UKCP psychotherapist

‘I have gained so much benefit from observing other participant’s facilitations and taking roles if asked. This can be healing in itself. Hearing someone’s description of a situation, or even a phrase that resonates, has prompted insights into my own behaviour that were previously out of my awareness. Attending a Pesso workshop gives me the opportunity to recognise things I think and do that don’t serve me and a gentle, respectful and powerful structure to work with them if I wish.’ Carole Clements Therapeutic Coach and Counsellor

‘The most powerful and direct path to personal change I have come across.’ Simon Lawrence, Training Consultant and Coach