First Pesso Feedback

A grateful client gave Juliet £5,000 to subsidise  some Pesso Boyden
Structures (client session), and Juliet added  some money to this fund too. This enabled her to give a free of charge place to 20 people. This client was one of the
beneficiaries. He wrote this feedback 12 days after his session.

To my benefactor,

It was a generous and honourable thing that you did. But it was also a very
important thing that you did. And I am truly grateful for the path that has now
opened up before me…

My 61-year journey to Pesso Boyden was one of considerable prior transformation.

It involved:

  • early childhood loss and grief;
  • deep inner exploration and existential reflection upon the meaning of the human condition right from the outset;
  • childhood separation trauma;
  • sexual abuse;
  • predictably resultant adult relationship dysfunction;
  • many hundreds of hours of psychotherapy over the course of a decade;
  • a continual spiritual quest:
  • and a lifetime’s dedication to self-development.

The revelations of my structure with Juliet were immediate and profound. It is still
far too early to fully comprehend the outcomes. I know that these will only be fully
realised retrospectively in time to come. But what I can tell you is as follows…
Second only to the landmarks of my mother’s death, meeting my wife, and the birth
of my children, my Pesso-Boyden structure was the most transformative and
enlightening experience of my life. For several decades, and for reasons that felt
beyond my control, I ventured too far from my soul’s path, and invented for myself
instead, many shallower distractive decoys. Doing so caused me suffering. The
experience of my structure with Juliet catapulted me immediately and seemingly
almost involuntarily back onto that path.

And I am quietly gobsmacked by the efficacy of the Pesso Boyden system! So
much so in fact, that I have, as a result, decided to train to be a psychotherapist
myself and use the Pesso Boyden System for the benefit of others. It’ll be a long
journey that will no doubt present its challenges. I have no idea how I will afford it,
but I have invariably found that when you skilfully navigating the landscape of your
soul’s journey, the path unfolds in harmony with its purpose. And although those
challenges will be difficult, they will make me more whole – but at the same time
they will be natural and easy, because they will enable my soul to dance in the
light. And by doing so, to be of greater service to others.

My wife and I have, during our 42-year marriage, often remarked on the chalk-and-
cheese incompatibilities between us, and what we describe as our ‘clutter’ – clutter
that seemingly no amount of couple’s counselling or psychotherapy has
substantially cleared. My structure tangibly and immediately changed that
dynamic. It’s as if a ‘light touch’ has blessed the way in which we relate since. A
hitherto felt gravity has lifted, my heart is open, I am able to love her freely – and
my daughters and their families will of course benefit from witnessing that new-
found harmony. And I’ve resumed my long-abandoned passions of painting and
writing poetry.

I am deeply moved by your generosity and will be grateful for the consequences of
what you did for the rest of my life. Your act of kindness has inspired me to do the
same for others and I will pass it on:

When I start to practise, I will not allow any lack of my client’s finances to prevent
them from following the path to their own self-realisation.

Thank you.

A grateful client. August 2019