Feedback Meeting Their Partner’s Needs

Certificate in Couple Therapy Module: Meeting Their Partner’s Needs


‘Thankyou for a fantastic 2 days, I have done a number of courses and you are undoubtably up there with the best of them! Your 2 day course gave me more useful and user friendly material than a recent 60 hour certificate in Couple Counselling I attended. The handouts are brilliant yet its your delivery which really shines.’ Bron Carson

“A hugely valuable module about the meeting of a partners needs.”  Dana Corfield, Student Counsellor

“Good course – recommended.”  Malcolm Scott, Clinical Psychotherapist & Supervisor

“A very worthwhile and informative course on looking at way of helping people get their needs met in relationships!”  Karen Longmore, Professional Counsellor

“It was a good opportunity to learn new skills and to network with other therapists.”  Susie France, Counsellor

The parts of the 2 days that were most useful were:

  • All of it
  • Juliet’s examples of how she works
  • Roleplay – as a therapist!
  • The practice and discussing the video

The specific benefits delegates gained from attending the workshop and the impact this will have on your practice were:

  • Juliet’s knowledge and skills, the group process
  • The opportunity for practice in role play was useful to integrate and experiment with using material; supports confidence
  • A chance to reflect on my work, clients – think about interventions
  • I have identified a number of ways to work specifically with my current clients so I can begin to practice and develop some of the skills
  • New tools around the needs from day 1, I was already using Imago but always enjoy refreshers
  • A really helpful guide to these 2 models which I can integrate into the work I do with couples
  • Awareness of links with developmental issues one integrated in me will increase my competence

Juliet’s style was described as:

  • Very facilitative
  • Open, informative, plenty of examples that brought it from theoretical to practical
  • Approachable, friendly, grounded. Will listen to comments but able to bring back to point. I love Juliet’s style
  • A relaxed style which enabled and encouraged people to participate
  • Really open and fun. Full of energy and left me wanting more
  • Honest, open, humorous, genuine and instructive – always delightful
  • I learn well from it. Warm, open, honest, congruent as well as drawing from experience – I love it!