Feedback Couples in Conflict

Certificate in Couples Therapy Module: Couples in Conflict

“Brilliant course with a wealth of information that will inform work with couples and one to one.”  Jess Rewse-Davies, Counsellor

“This course is an absolute “must” for any practitioner intending to work with couples in conflict.”  Rachel Humphries, Private Practitioner

Gutted that I can’t make your next course – the recent couples courses were fantastic and I am managing to apply many of the techniques in my couples work which is really helping us get to the ‘nitty gritty’ in a really positive way. I am particulary grateful to you for helping me talk about sex in a much more confident and knowledgable way – knowing that if there are difficulties ‘under the bonnet’ I have the tools (quite literally!) to help!! Keep us posted for the next courses please 🙂 Sue Christy Psychotherapist

The parts of the 2 days that were most useful were:

  • Every bit. Good balance between theoretical input and practice
  • I enjoyed the exercises as always but also found the the little video snippets really fun too
  • Putting Theory into practice – sharing knowledge and experiences
  • The group sharing of experiences and the work on the difference between anger and rage. Role plays was very helpful and powerful
  • Information on Rage/anger discussions particularly about keeping secrets learning from others triad work

The specific benefits delegates gained from attending the workshop and the impact this will have on your practice were:

  • It has given me a great deal of insight into the ways that people see and interpret the world and therefore how best to respond and also normalise their views.
  • I have been looking for help with my work with couples for some years, and now I have found it.
  • Really enjoyed tying together meta programmes in a couple context. Juliet’s expertise in working with couples is very evident in this course. She shares her knowledge and makes the learning experience fun and memorable.
  • Better understanding of how people communicate and their different requirements – it will help me with all my clients, not just the couples
  • I gained knowledge about the human body and how it works and responds
  • More confidence within the subject
  • Heightened awareness of difficulties that can occur during the process of ageing.
  • I am less anxious when accepting older couples to my practice, I gained more understanding of my personal issues
  • Full of new, detailed information, very hands on course. Very serious matters made easy to learn