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Re-enchanting the Forest: Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World by William Ayot

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A compelling exploration of the lost yet crucial role of ritual in our increasingly secular lives. Today, in the West, we hold neither adequate rites of passage for our youth, nor initiations for our growing number of elders. We have neither healing rituals for the loss of an unborn child, nor ways to mark the severing of a twenty-year relationship. This can leave us feeling alienated and bereft.    

Re-enchanting the Forest is written for that part in us that yearns for living ritual, that seeks to bring an embodied sense of solace and belonging back into our modern lives. Drawing on his own experience, and on the ritual cultures of the indigenous world, William Ayot demonstrates the value and power of ritual to revive and ‘re-wire’ our sometimes confused and disconnected spirits. With a foreword by Mark Rylance.


Email From The Soul: New and Selected Leadership Poems by William Ayot 

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William Ayot’s poetry, prose and performances have helped leaders around the world to pause, reflect and occasionally re-think; to re-engage with their imaginations and refresh themselves on the journey of leadership. This slim volume represents his work in the field and reminds us that timeless challenges can still find contemporary champions, and that old virtues can find new venues, even in the jargon-polluted corporate world. This book wasn’t written for poets. It was written for people who are often estranged from poetry, who might not trust it, who may have been baffled, or irritated, or even turned off by it. It was also written for those who spend the better part of their time guiding others through the labyrinth of working life, the men and women who, at different levels, lead the organisations that shape so much of our modern lives.

The Inheritance by William Ayot

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We all have an inheritance and many of us struggle to speak our truth. Clear, direct and accessible, these poems chart a journey from a largely unconscious and wounded victimhood to a hard-won self-awareness and acceptance. Written to be spoken, they are affirming, comforting and occasionally enlightening for people concerned with their own struggles and obsessions.

Small Things that Matter by William Ayot

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William Ayot’s thought provoking poems cast a reflection back at people who thought poetry had never been written for them before. Now here it is.

Landscapes of the Heart: The Working World of a Sex and Relationship Therapist by Juliet Grayson 

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These compelling stories give us privileged access to the therapy room, providing a vivid picture of the therapeutic process, which includes the therapist’s inner thoughts.  We sit on Juliet’s shoulder and witness her humanity and compassion, as she uses a rich blend of life-changing approaches, drawing on twenty-five years of clinical experience.  In each fascinating journey, we follow the client(s) through two or more sessions, covering weeks or months.  Thus we can track the effects of the insights her clients (five couples and one individual) have gained, as they progress to more loving relationships. In each case, Juliet shares a particular aspect of theory, so we can see the methodologies that underpin her work, including Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy.

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