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Whilst taking seriously the threat in particular to vulnerable individuals, we want to hold some perspective on the current health threat caused by coronavirus and associated illness Covid-19. Our basic stance is that we are carrying on as normal and updating our approach daily based on government guidance.

The current guidance from Public Health England does not recommend cancelling events. The only advice is to increase personal hygiene (especially hand washing) and for people who have travelled from affected regions to self-isolate if advised to do so by a medical professional. Therefore, for the vast majority of us in the UK, it is business as usual, until such a time as Government advice changes (if it does).

There are only three scenarios that we can currently foresee would lead us to cancelling an event:

  1. If the present of the workshop, or too many of our office staff, contracts coronavirus and has to self-isolate.

2. If the government advises against group events taking place.

3. If the venue or surrounding area is placed under quarantine.

Therefore, at the current time we fully intend to run all events as advertised. In addition, we are working to mitigate risk further and put contingency plans in place:

  1. We will be asking, in accordance with Government guidelines, for anyone who has recently attended one of the outbreak areas or listed countries not to attend, even if they have no symptoms.
  2. We will be encouraging everyone attending to practice excellent personal hygiene – catch it, bin it, kill it, and wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. NB Soap and water is the best apparently. Alcohol based hand sanitisers also work.  But, hand sanitisers that are NOT alcohol based will NOT work against the virus, as the lipid envelope that surrounds the virus needs soap or alcohol to break through.
  3. Delegates who miss a module due to corona virus self isolation, will be allowed to repeat the course free of charge.
  4. Corona virus affects the lungs. The symptoms start with a fever. So, to further allay fears, we will use an ‘ear’ thermometer with disposable caps for hygienic use, at the start of each day.  Anyone with a high temperature (38 c / 100.4 f) will be asked to leave.

I recently ran a workshop with three doctors (one retired), aged 45 – 75 who all said that they wanted to catch the virus as soon as possible, because after that they would have immunity making life simpler!!

Therefore, we would encourage you all to keep calm and come on training. As an organisation, our survival depends on people still coming to our events, so we would ask you to follow Government advice and continue as normal unless you are in a specific affected group.  Government information can be found here

A map of corona virus outbreak info: for desktops click here   for mobiles click here

Your support through this crisis would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Juliet Grayson