Exploring Male Mysteries Through Times of Change and Crisis

A Residential Workshop for Men


William Ayot & Simon Roe

EarthSpirit Centre, Nr Glastonbury, Somerset.

February 26th 2023 – March 2nd:  Sunday – Thursday 

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William talking for 5 minutes on shame

Since the dawn of time men have gathered in special places to explore the mysteries and challenges of male existence. From the initiations of youth, through to the fears and wonders of elderhood, men have drawn strength from each other and made sense of their lives in times of tumultuous change and crisis.

Today, the four pale horsemen of war, famine, pestilence and death, have broken into our comfortable lives once again. As climactic change and shortage become normalised, how do we live through crisis after crisis without falling into fear and anxiety on the one hand, or agitated reaction and rage on the other? Do we face the horsemen, go into denial or settle for the dull throb of numbness? And how do we maintain contact with the heart, with soul, with love and compassion?

Gathering in the mythic landscape of King Arthur’s Avalon, this four-day retreat, led by William Ayot and Simon Roe, will use story, poetry, ritual, and emergent process to explore these pressing concerns, to reconnect on many levels, and to take strength in the company of men.

We anticipate this workshop filling quickly – places are limited.

Cost of workshop £675 
PLUS the cost of your food & accommodation – from £420:
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Pay a £350 click here (Non-refundable) deposit now
Pay a deposit of £350 click here and then make a payment plan (from £50 or £100 per month)

APPROVED FOR CPD: This course has been approved by NCIP-  National Council Of Integrative Psychotherapists.

Contact if you have any questions.

This is a 5 minute video from William Ayot, talking about shame.


William Ayot

William is an award-winning poet, international facilitator and ritualist. He has been leading men’s retreats, rites of passage and initiatory events since 1992. He teaches and coaches around the world and holds rituals at his purpose-built site in Wales. Writing includes, “Email from the Soul” (poetry) & “Re-enchanting the Forest: Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World” (prose.)

 William Ayot began leading men’s and mixed workshops in rehab and prisons during the early nineties. He later joined Wild Dance Events, organising and hosting large-scale men’s events for teachers like Robert Bly, Michael Meade, James Hillman, Malidoma Somé, Martín Prechtel and others, while leading initiatory rites of passage retreats at Cae Mabon. As a co-founding director of Olivier Mythodrama, he worked around the world, teaching leadership through story, theatre practice and ritual. He currently teaches on the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD.

William leads workshops and seminars on personal development topics and creates and conducts private rituals and ceremonies. He lives in Monmouthshire with his wife, the psychotherapist and teacher, Juliet Grayson.

Simon Roe

Simon originally trained as a body psychotherapist with Nick Totton and Em Edmondson and has nearly 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and groups For the past twenty five years he has focused on working with men and teenage boys in a variety of settings including group work, 1-1 psychotherapy and Rites of Passage events. He has worked extensively with perpetrators of domestic violence, both adult and teenage and is a Respect ( approved trainer and supervisor. From 2009-2017 he co-developed and delivered the ‘Do it Different’ programme, working with teenage boys using violent and abusive behaviour at home, which is recognised as an example of best practice.

Simon has been greatly influenced by teachers such as Robert Bly, Malidoma Some and Martin Prechtel. Most recently he has completed a foundation course in Process Oriented Psychology, an approach which increasingly informs his practice.

Simon is a fully accredited member of The Association of Facilitators. Please visit for more information about his work.


This workshop will take place at the EarthSpirit Centre in Somerset, which is situated in a beautiful landscape.  The seventeenth century farm buildings have been restored and specially converted for use as a venue. They are set within seven acres of fields and gardens, next to two nature reserves; and just two minutes walk from St Andrew’s church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree over 1,700 years old.  The venue is suitable for people with disabilities, but please let us know if you have special needs.


ADDRESS Earthspirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Somerset, TA11 6PE. 

TIMINGS Participants arrive between 6.00 and 6.30.  Supper is at 7.00 on Sunday evening.   There will be an evening session on most, or all of the days. The workshop is designed to be fully residential.  On the final day we will aim to finish by 3.00-3.15 pm and we need to vacate the premises by 3.30 pm. 

COVID TEST You will be asked to self administer a lateral flow test the day before coming, and to only attend if the test is negative.  We hope to have a waiting list for this workshop.  so that if someone has symptoms just before the event and cannot attend, or their region goes into lockdown, their place can be taken by someone else, and they will get a full refund.  BUT if there is not a waiting list, then William and Simon will not be able to offer any refunds.  In the event that William and Simon are unwell, or that their regions are in lockdown and they are unable to travel, participants will be offered a full refund, or a credit to use on another workshop.

TAKE TIME OFF AFTER THIS  This workshop is a deep and powerful experience.  We strongly recommends that you give yourself at least 2 very quiet days, where you are not working or socialising, after the workshop.  This will help you with integration and ‘landing’ back into your normal life.

COSTS We are separating the cost of the accommodation from the cost of the workshop. This is for transparency, though both payments will be made to Sleeping Mountain Limited at the time of booking. 

COST OF WORKSHOP is  £675. NB Accommodation is to be paid for separately.  

£675 payment to complete booking for Facing The Four Horsemen Men’s Workshop Feb 26-March  NB Accommodation is to be paid for separately.

NEED TIME TO PAY?  For those who need it, we offer a payment arrangement, where you spread your payment over many months (or even years).  If you would like to attend but cannot afford to pay all at once, please contact Sam with a payment plan (e.g £100 a month).  

BURSARIES  There are 2 places offering a £200 discount.  If you need one of these please contact and copy in 

OFFERING A BURSARY TO SUPPORT ANOTHER MAN If you are able to offer a bursary of £200 that would be wonderful.  Please contact and copy in

Paying a £200 bursary for another man to attend Facing The Four Horsemen Men’s Retreat

COST OF ACCOMMODATION From £420 for dormitory accommodation, £450 if you are sharing a bathroom and sharing a room with up to 2 others.  Or £499 for a single person in a room on your own with a shared bathroom.   Or £560 if you would prefer sleeping alone, in your own en-suite bedroom.  This covers your accommodation with full board (see options below under sleeping and food) per person including accommodation, food (vegetarian, and all hot drinks).

TO BOOK A PLACE To pay a £350 (non-refundable) deposit click here  

If full payment has not been received by 1st November then your place is no longer guaranteed.  The exception to this is for those who have arranged a payment plan.

£250 payment to clear the balance & complete the booking for Facing The Four Horsemen Men’s Retreat Feb 26-March 2nd £250 until 1st November £325 after 1st November

FOOD The food is vegetarian, and is included in the costs.  All meals are provided from dinner on Sunday night to lunch on Thursday. 

DRINKS There are unlimited hot drinks provided.

SPECIAL DIETS There are two types of special diets. 

Standard Generic Special Diet (SGSD): To have a special diet which is a standard gluten free,  standard wheat free, or standard dairy free the cost is £12 (if you prefer a combination of these, just let us know – eg gluten free and dairy free is £12.)

Specially Prepared Special Diet (SPSD): To have a specially prepared special diet, eg avoiding certain foods add an extra £33 (which covers all of your meals).  If you require this then please send the specific requirements to

 ACCOMODATION OPTIONS – click here to see photos

CHECK THERE ARE PLACES please email Sam – or Juliet to check availability on or alternatively phone 01291 638805

TO BOOK A PLACE Pay a £350 (Non-refundable) deposit click here   

THE FINAL PAYMENT will be due before 1st November 2022. If you have not made full payment by then (or agreed a payment plan) then you may lose your place.  Once you have paid a deposit, the next payment is usually made by a bank transfer – but if you’d prefer to pay by credit card please let us know.

HELPERS PLACE William & Simon are offering one person a ‘helpers place’. They will receive a £50 discount. In return the helper will arrive at 4.30pm on the starting day and help to set up the workshop and stay behind for up to 2 hours on the final day to help clear up and pack the car. The helper will take full part in the workshop – but will be the person to do small tasks such as show people to their bedrooms on arrival, liaise with the kitchen, get the logs for the fire, tidy up the main room at the end of each day, and generally help William and Simon and be a back up person as required. If you would like to do this, please check with Sam if the place has been taken

CANCELLATION  Cancellations or alterations with more that 90 days notice are subject to a 12.5% handling charge. Cancellations or alterations within 90 days of the workshop are non refundable and non transferrable. NB Once you have booked your place, the workshop fees are due in full even if you cannot attend the workshop, and have only paid the deposit. 

EXTRA REQUIREMENTS? If you have any extra requirements please contact rather than the contacting the EarthSpirit Centre directly. It is easiest if all arrangements are made through our office rather than contacting the venue.  If you have any special needs (any kind of disability) please let us know.