Feedback from odd couple

Feedback From Residential Odd Couple Workshop

Plas Glansevin

Comments After the Last ‘Odd Couple’ Residential at Plas Glansevin 2011

Average Score on Feedback ‘How satisfied were you with the workshop, and was it value for money’ was 9.78 out of 10

It provided a great opportunity to focus on things in our relationship that had got a bit stuck. There was nothing seriously wrong, but we had some bad habits that really needed some attention. The workshop gave us some new insights and the Pesso work shifted some of the underlying causes.

Juliet is extremely skillful, and in my opinion, even better at her job than she realises.

William was amazing – so observant and insightful – he missed nothing and picked up on everything that was important to each person. His poetry readings were magical.

An extraordinary opportunity for me to think about relationships. As a single person I got LOADS from this. And the couples went to a new place with their relationships..and that was a joy to watch. I cannot recommend this highly enough….and I’ve been to a lot of workshops. Definitely one to attend

It provided a great opportunity to focus on things in our relationship that had got a bit stuck. There was nothing seriously wrong, but we had some bad habits that really needed some attention. The workshop gave us some new insights and the Pesso work shifted some of the underlying causes.

The main room had an amazing acoustic (curved wooden roof) which meant every word was audible, even when people were speaking quietly. Nice natural light too.

I usually find rituals embarrassing, because they are done with self-importance, but William made them feel natural and appropriate. As a poet, I was interested to see how this would be integrated, and was impressed that it was used to reflect, focus and express, but again without self-importance. Watching William and Juliet work together, with attention and respect, became a big part of the learning from the weekend. As ever, Juliet was wonderfully compassionate, incisive and enabling.

The advantage of a residential is space to focus and give full attention, which increases the learning. It also allows much deeper connection with the other participants. Conversations at meal times drifted in and out of the work we’d being doing, so the learning was continuous. the workshop was 10 out of 10 for me.

I learnt about the difference between Power Over and Power With – and the difference between Disassociation and Disconnection ‘Disconnection’ was inside of me, not about my partner I had had an issue being vulnerable and asking for help I was struck at the ‘cycle of growth’. A real sense of coming back to where I’ve been before – but at a much deeper level – and becoming ever ‘more present’. Feelings don’t need to be labeled good or bad – they’re just energy – and mean I’m alive and sentient!

Being able to immerse yourself fully in a safe bubble away from the hub bub of normal living gets lasting and meaningful change.

I loved the blend of practicality, theory, ritual and story…… The weave of both William’s and Juliet’s skills, experience and ‘angles’, making the whole experience unique and special.

Lots of useful information, putting things into context, sharing of other people’s experiences …

Fab food cooked with love – doesn’t get much better than that!

Superb as ever. I really enjoyed seeing you and William working together too….Together you modelled something really powerful for me.

The residential approach offers a richer, more nourishing experience on so many levels. It also feels like a very safe space to do this kind of work – with plenty of time and two extremely capable facilitators in charge.

I can’t imagine how the venue or the food could be improved. I have never seen so much variety of food available throughout the day.

I experienced Juliet as a grounded and safe facilitator who held the process beautifully throughout the weekend. I loved the energy that she brought to the process and her ability to hold people carefully.

The build up seemed a tad slow at the time but when we reached full speed it was all worth it.

A great feeling of support, caring and security from the group generally and specifically from Juliet and William.

Juliet did not disappoint…. knowing just how to work with each person or couple is a gift. Working with her is very empowering. Her attention to detail and energy with everyone was extraordinary

Three days seemed the right amount of time to give time and space to the needs of each individual or couple but at the same time allowed time to work within the group and in pairs or alone. A residential course allows the group to gel much more. No distractions caused by everyday chores etc.

Beautiful environment, comfortable and attractive venue, excellent fresh and tasty food.

Wonderful not to have to think about domestic and work tasks while away in lovely place surrounded by fields, trees, animals, birds, blue skies and rain.

COMMENTS AFTER THE ‘ODD COUPLE’ Residential at Plas Glansevin 2010

Average score on feedback: How satisfied were you with the workshop was 9.88 out of 10

Excellently held — nice balance between 2 personalities and 2 genders as well as good modelling of what we were talking about.

I loved the flow of the workshop overall (William’s input – nicely woven into Juliet’s), the theory punctuated by poetry and the story on the first night beautifully and poetically flowing throughout the days thereafter…. soulful stuff, mixing theory and discussion with ritual and enactment throughout, through whatever method felt most suitable both indoors and outdoors – everyone catered for and a close bond built over the days….a special, heady experience.

William, you were new to me. You score very high –you are quite extraordinarily perceptive and able to use that perception in your interventions. You are also kind, solid and completely trustworthy.

We love William. The care and love and openness you showed is really appreciated. You saw and blessed in us that which we don’t yet recognise in ourselves!

William was FAB. He is incredibly knowledgeable, serious and generous regarding what he shared with us.

Juliet was excellent — as usual. Matter-of-fact, clear, perceptive — I model much of my leadership on you — you give participants the reassurance that all of this stuff is really quite ordinary — that change and resolution are absolutely within our power and its no more difficult than doing the washing-up.

Juliet you made some very hard stuff safe. Your honesty and realism are second to none. And you see and respond to what is going on really well. Good modelling! Thanks for everything so far and everything to come.

I have been facilitated twice by Juliet prior to this workshop and I trust her great ability as a facilitator…she is, quite simply, a treat!

It could not be done in less than 3 days. There was so much input. The residential part of it enables complete immersion. Would not miss the food for anything and felt really looked after while we focused on hard questions.

Lovely venue, very comfortable, lovely location…stunning food.

This workshop could easily have been longer.

I would say that being residential means that the group (who are, after all, offering a lot of deeply personal input) becomes more of a community and it therefore deepens bonding and intimacy – I feel that it probably allows people to trust and become more vulnerable, therefore, going deeper than they might if it was not residential.

A safe approach to tough material which is counterintuitive to the romantic culture. A clean clear dose of reality — blowing away the fog of romantic mysticism.

I recommend this workshop without hesitation.

Bring a willingness to take a risk and an open mind.

A soulful exploration of love and loving, of being alone and in a relationship and how one can healthily feed the other – how to love and be loved with awareness of the pitfalls and the qualities required for success…’kindness’ and ‘generosity’ being two of the most important to action, frequently!