Feedback from Parent-Infant attachment workshop

Fascinating and thought provoking workshop; just one day on this workshop has provided me with the basis with which to understand how we relate to our partners. A very valuable day, thank you.

A fascinating workshop which brilliantly blends the science with the therapy stuff expertly delivered and which gave me a deeper and broader understanding of attachment.

Juliet made complex material very accessible with plain language and real examples drawn from her clinical and personal experience.

Good, clear, there’s a lot of info but it also feels easy to ask questions and get things clarified

I gained more understanding and the knowledge that I’d like to know / read more as I can see how relevant it is to relationships and other close connections.

Very engaging and interesting. Juliet comes across as knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

I have widened by knowledge about attachment theory and how attachment styles affect the ways in which people relate to their partners as adults. I found it particularly useful to learn about attachment injuries and how their impact can be lesser or greater at different developmental stages.

It was very thought provoking is shown by the fact that I am still talking about aspects of the course and looking to buy some of the books recommended.

Understanding Attachment Theory and the impact of our attachment styles on our relationships and sexuality is crucial in gaining greater self awareness and subsequent change – this workshop hits the spot in all these aspects.

A very well organised worthwhile workshop on an important subject

This course is an invaluable tool in understanding the neuropsychology of attachment and its impact on the client and their behaviour patterns. It informs my practice on a practical, as well as a theoretical, level with both children and adults.

A very full day with lots of usable knowledge that will help me in my professional and personal life.