Feedback from 2021 Course: A Matter of Life and Death


The average score for this course was 9 out of 10. 

This is what the participants had to say:

What you’d say to others thinking of doing the course:

If you are ready to explore yourself and your life more, to find a space to connect and reflect with others, this course weaves a coherent path though the territory. It felt for me a bit like the modern equivalent of joining an eastern desert caravan: a temporary tribe of travellers snaking their way through the landscape over time; meeting by campfires for stories and poems, looking up with wonder at the stars. Some people kept to themselves on the journey, others opened their hearts and brought their presence. All were welcomed. Kate Smith

Do it – it will cover things you think you already know but in a guided and skilled way. Make sure you give it time so you can integrate the material and be part of the small group holding.  Rebecca Brewin

It is a journey that every participant makes in his/her own way and from which you can take whatever helps you further on your life path. Anonymous

Very helpful, made me rethink my purpose for being here and helped me with some lifechanging decisions. Jill Jarvis

Do it!  HCJ, Brighton, Sussex

I had no idea that the course would be for my own development on such a deep level.  Thank you. Lynne Jones

This will be a lifechanging experience that will take you by the heart and hand and lead you gently into the depth of your being, giving you the chance to connect with your true self. I have connected to my soul – which prior to this course I wasn’t even sure existed – I believed I was soulless…I don’t believe that anymore. SB

A really excellent way to challenge yourself out of everyday complacency in the pursuit of discovering your whole and fabulous self and maybe find a way of living with more fulfilment and purpose. For me, approaching 70, it was fantastic timing to really explore how I want to live and die (in the light). Thank you so much. Jan Alcoe

The course is changing my perspective on myself and what is important to me in my life. It has explained things, which seemed complicated and ephemeral, in a simple clear way.  It has brought into focus and helped me understand things which felt important – but were at the edge of my understanding. You have helped me to  alter the course of my life in a good way. Gillian

Be prepared for a rollercoaster of a ride Gillian

Join with an open mind and allow yourself to trust the process. Also.. invest in the group work outside of the sessions. It is a great journey which will not be superficial, but will catch you and hold you very deeply with your emotions, hope, struggles in the safe space. Petra Kalocova from Luxembourg

I loved the honesty and ease in the relationship between you two.  The poems created a different dimension which I enjoyed.  Sharing personal experiences and my own learning made it all very real. It worked well for me!  Lynne Jones

Do it ! And be prepared to just go with it…let it take you along.  Psychotherapist from Wiltshire


The Poems:
They really helped to deepen the experience in the course and reawaken my own poetic expression, which was such a timely gift.   Kate Smith

They were like the breath and space within the richness of the material, allowing us to digest and reflect from that wider space. Poetic language was an essential part of the journey, mapping the landscape.  Rebecca Brewin

The poems were like ‘soul food’ for me and I loved them. They also inspired me to start writing my own poetry again so thank you!! Gillian

Always so evocative and thought provoking. I do return to read these regularly …very rich…  Jaana

I have known a lot of poetry as my specialist subject as a teacher was language . I love language and words. I also discovered I can now know poems in a different way that bypasses the intellect and goes straight to me. Ruth Guile

I had to miss 50% of the ‘live’ talks, but was able to watch the recording, and I also chose to meet up with others who had missed that module (usually there were 2 other people who wanted to do that, and sometimes we had a group of 4.  Even on the one occasion when it was just one person, it was really valuable for me.)   So even if you cannot attend all the live talks, then I recommend you join.  There was so much more to this journey than I had anticipated.  BD.  


The Home Groups:
Our group has been open and committed from the outset. There’s a real diversity of backgrounds and perspectives among participants. I have enjoyed the opportunity to explore themes with people whose belief systems may be very different from mine. Kate Smith

The home group was very wonderful and I experienced being with a group of people on another level which seemed to be beyond words at times.  It felt just right. Ruth Guile

It is really astonishing how fast the people of my group felt like old acquaintances. We had some beautiful meetings, and shared our experiences in an honest way.  Anonymous

I loved having the opportunity to meet and discuss some of what the course was evoking between sessions.  Sandie Burton

Our group met regularly and was very important in processing things further.  Jaana

It was lovely to take time to revisit questions that had been asked during the workshop, later, in the Home Groups.  Somehow I felt safer to go deeper with my small group, than I had during the workshop. Maybe that was the intention of these groups.  Powerful and beautiful and our small group have agreed that we will keep in touch and continue the work.  Anonymous


Value for money:
Undoubtably yes! It has been a golden thread carrying me safely through.   Kate Smith

The course was rich and rewarding, and gave me more than I could have hoped for.  Anonymous.

Yes . Each session was extremely useful and overflowing with stuff which I can take with me and use and ponder for the rest of my life.  I have done lots of courses and sometimes I have done them for the qualifications. This one I did because I needed something at this time in my life and the course has given me this and more than I could imagine. Ruth Guile

Great value for money. The content was priceless, the work you had both put in was obvious, and the way you have put together the talks, the home groups and the website where all the resources can be found has been simply fabulous. Thank you both. 


William and Juliet’s style:
Lovely.  I found your openness and way of being with each other personally inspiring.  I found something hopeful and moving in witnessing the love you have for each other.   Kate Smith

Lovely! A great blend of theory, shared experience and left/right brain approaches. Jan Alcoe

You two are brilliant ! The way you fit together is awesome. As a teacher I have experienced working together with lots of adults and children and young people in loads of combinations. Its bloody hard and you two have an amazing gift and skill and craft and love for what you do. Ruth Guile

I  love the way you work together, and interact with each other. I have felt nurtured and held by both of you. Sandie Burton

I think the two of you together are a marvellous example of a couple, each standing on his/her own feet, and in the same time connected. I admire the authenticity of you both. And I really listened to both of you with a lot of attention and pleasure. Anonymous

I liked the way you both worked immensely.. For me it felt like you were two authentic human beings in an imperfect relationship and battling on through, like the rest of us!  Authentic, open and honest would be how I’d describe you both.  I feel very grateful    HCJ. Brighton, Sussex

You are a unique and special couple, offering very different qualities and expertise to the course. Petra Kalacova from Luxembourg