Go Tell it On the Mountain Storytelling for healing and change Practicalities


Dates : Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November 2023 

Times : 1 pm – 5 pm UK time (GMT).  Please log on from 12.45 to check your equipment works and allow up to 30 minutes after the end of the workshop in case we run over a little bit. 


TRAINER : Michael Harvey Scroll down to see more about the trainer

Early booking discount extended to 17th September 2023!

Cost : £169 if booked by 17th September 2023, £189 if booked by 17th October 2023.  Full price thereafter: £205 


If your booking is accepted that means there was space for you.  If it is full, email sambaker.pa@gmail.com to join the ‘reserve list’.  Then, if anyone drops out we will notify you, if there is a ‘last minute’ place  for you.  We will also let you know when we plan a new date.

This workshop will give you tools, tips and strategies from one of the top contemporary storytellers working today to help you become more fluent and confident in both creating and telling stories. 

We will be working in a deep yet playful way in order to bring us home to story once more. The workshop is aimed at everyone. Those who love story, those who want to use it professionally with their clients,  and those who want to facilitate story sessions with their families and children.

In the online courses that Michael has been leading since the arrival of Covid, his participants have told him that, apart from the disease itself and its direct impact, what they miss most is landscape, nature and other people in community.  Through storytelling and story-making we can create those things once more and practice weaving story and magic for when we can be together in the same place again. Now is a good time to start thinking about and planning how we take up where we left off and incorporate what we have learned over the last year to continue with community, creativity and joy.


“The course was excellent. 
It was superbly facilitated to create an environment where it was
safe to experiment and participants could learn from each other.
Thanks very much!”

— Steve Killick – storyteller and clinical psychologist

“The most beneficial use of time and money I can remember spending.
I made so much progress in such a short time.”

— Jonathan Lambert, storyteller and musician.


What will I get?

  • A bank of stories, told by Michael, to use yourself
  • Creative story activities led by a leading practitioner
  • Tried and trusted methods of creating original narrative based on traditional story patterns
  • Key storytelling tools for honing and telling your story
  • The creative stimulation and support of cohort and small-group activities

A dedicated course website where you can view selected recordings of the sessions and guidance notes so that you can go on to create and tell stories stories yourself or with groups once the course is over

Michael Harvey has been a professional storyteller for over twenty-five years. He has worked internationally, teaching and performing on every continent (except Antarctica!).   Michael helps people reconnect with with the depth and creativity of myth and other traditional narratives in order to create new stories and tell them convincingly and authentically. We’ll do this by getting into the specifics of how traditional narrative form and symbols actually work.  He is a top international, award-winning storyteller and facilitator.  He has taught and directed leading and emerging contemporary storytellers and has worked extensively in the education sector facilitating the creativity of both students and staff.  Since lockdown he has spearheaded storytelling coaching and training online with students from Bridgend to Brazil. To his surprise, he has found that the cohort experience online is even stronger than in conventional courses and that the continuation is more sustained once the teaching sessions are over.  He has performed at leading festivals world wide, including Beyond the Border and the National USA Storyelling Festival. He won a Major Creative Wales Award in 2011 that allowed him to deepen his storytelling expertise including the 3rd Labo at La Maison du Conte near Paris over an 18 month period.

As well as performing traditional stories to audiences large, small and online Michael has developed methods to create resonant and meaningful stories with groups in schools, businesses, organisations including the NHS, and members of the general public.

Who is this workshop designed for : The general public.  Everyone.  Including therapists, counsellors and healers of all kinds.

Why now? Making and sharing stories now will prepare us to enter and engage with whatever the next version of ‘normal’ will be when the time comes.  The narrative arcs, symbols and characters will be there to remind us of who we are when the going gets tough or we get disorientated.  We’re all going to get busier soon and we need to get the tools and skills ready to keep ourselves creative, supple, joyful and human.

Can this work online? To our surprise, Michael has found that the cohort experience online is even stronger than in conventional courses and that the continuation is more sustained once the teaching sessions are over. We will be using whole group learning and breakout rooms for more collaborative work and doing some easy and playful work with objects and mark-making to give our brains a rest from words.  The key teaching and exercises in the course will be available to you after the course is over on a dedicated learning platform.

Getting to Grips with Story.  Traditional narrative patterns are superficially simple. They often have a single protagonist who encounters a major difficulty, which gets even more serious and is eventually resolved. It sounds simple, so why is it so difficult to pull off in a satisfying way?

Part of the problem is that our education has taught us that there are wrong and right answers and stories fall under the heading of ‘literature’ which is the preserve of well-read and erudite people who ‘understand’ it. The stories we will be working with are not part of ‘education’ but part of life. The more we engage with stories as a joyful and satisfying aspect of life the more we will resonate authentically with the material we create.

If storymaking and storytelling don’t come easily to you it is probably because no one had shown you the core tools and methods that make it possible and pleasurable. Once you have a clear understanding of storytelling tools and practice you will be well on your way to finding your storytelling creative flow.

Stories created and told together are an escape hatch from a Covid mentality and back to the world we all come from. A shared world of magic, transformation, animism, group creativity and joy.

APPROVED FOR CPD : This course has been approved by NCIP-  National Council Of Integrative Psychotherapists.  The course will give you a CPD certificate for 12 hours

Maximum Numbers : 32 people

What should I bring?

  • You’ll be asked to
  • collect a few objects,
  • some simple art materials and have
  • pen and paper handy.

Full details will be sent once you have signed up.


“There’s a big difference between a performer who tells you what they have learnt, and a teacher who makes a space for you to learn what you are ready to learn, and walks beside you while you do it. Michael is a true teacher.”

— Alys Torrance – professional storyteller

“An inspiring training event led by superb storyteller“

“I learned a lot about mastering the flow of story, and about marrying the different worlds to create a colourful tapestry which the story audience can see clearly. I really value Michael’s natural, heartfelt, sensitive and inspiring way of coaching.”

— Nana Tamova – storyteller, pharmacist, photographer and poet


Cancellations : Any request to change (eg defer to alternative dates) or cancel your place at a workshop, that is made at less than 21 days before the course start date will be charged in full.  Any cancellation / amendments / requests to defer before 21 days, will be subject to a 12.5% handling charge.

Therapists Insurance: By booking on this workshop you confirm that you have sufficient insurance to offer therapy to the public. (We are required by the NCIP, who accredit this workshop, to ask you to confirm this).  If there is any discrepancy please let us know by contacting jonstow.cyh@gmail.com

For more info or help : email sambaker.pa@gmail.com or call Juliet Grayson on 01291 638805 

     There are some online talks on zoom that allow you to come and go, or to choose not to participate in the exercise and breakout rooms.  This culture has started to creep into our workshops.  We have even had people say they want to leave to go and pick up children from school or walk their dog!  People dropping in and out is very disruptive – especially when there may be group exercises that are planned for the same group to participate in a number of times.  
     Because of this, we want to be clear about our expectations.  This workshop has been planned with the assumption that you, and everyone else, will attend for the full time.  SO PLEASE BE CLEAR, THAT IF YOU BOOK ON THIS WORKSHOP, WE EXPECT YOU TO ATTEND FOR THE WHOLE TIME, TO  PARTICIPATE IN THE BREAKOUT ROOMS AND EXERCISES AND HAVE YOUR VIDEO SWITCHED ON.
     Please also put your mobile to one side and on silent – checking your phone or texting will mean that you miss material.  So we request that you only check your phone during breaks.  

This course is organised through Sleeping Mountain Ltd