PBSP Personal Development: Grandfather’s Axe ONGOING GROUP 2023



ONGOING GROUP Year 13 (2023)

Commitment:   8 days
Venue:              Grove Barn Farm, Chediston Suffolk IP19 0BG and
                           Trealy Farm, Mitchel Troy, Monmouth NP25 4BL

Dates:                Module 1 and 2: Aug 23 24 25 26 Grove Barn Farm Suffolk
                            Module 3:      September 14 and 15 Trealy Farm, Monmouth
                            Module 4:      December 7 and 8 Trealy Farm, Monmouth

9.00 for 9.15 start – approx 6.45pm  
For those staying overnight on site, please arrive AFTER 4pm on the day before (Wednesday).

Costs:  To attend all days and have: 
         4 structures £1760    
         3 structures £1510    
         2 structures £1260    
         1 structure   £1010    

Pay Deposit to Confirm Place: (subject to space) Click here to pay a deposit of £250

Facilitator: Juliet Grayson UKCP Reg NLPtCA Acc Psychotherapist and PBSP trainer

The Commitment:  Once you ‘sign up’, even if you can’t attend you will pay for all 8 days.  Unless otherwise agreed, you are expected to stay for the whole day.

The Purpose:  of the group is personal development and to allow the group dynamics of support and trust to grow.  This powerful yet respectful method provides huge opportunities for resolving personal issues.  Juliet will predominantly use PBSP but may use other methods if they seem more applicable to a particular issue.

Clearing up: You will be asked to help Juliet  clear up, at the end of one module.  This will include loading the car, please allow 45 minutes for this. 

Setting up: If anyone is available to help setting up, on the Wednesday evening before each event, at approx 7-7.30pm that would be very much appreciated (and would be instead of clearing up).  

Lunch: The cost of lunch is not included in these fees. So either bring your own, or for £48 you can be fully catered for (breakfast lunch and supper) for the 2 days.

Why is it called the Grandfather’s Axe Group?  One of the previous participants, Jim, named the group Grandfather’s Axe.  This is because his grandfather’s axe had had a new head every 10 years, and a new handle every now and then, but it was always Grandfather’s Axe.  The people who attend may change, even the venue has changed – but it is still our Pesso Group. 

Accommodation: There are accommodation options on site at Trealy.
Click here for full details of COSTS OF ACCOMMODATION
CONTACT Ruth Tudor ruth.trealy @ btinternet.com and PUT PESSO &  THE WORKSHOP DATES IN THE SUBJECT LINE. 

In the even of Covid 19: For info about the instructions re Covid 19 see this page.https://therapyandcounselling.co.uk/covid-19-and-pbsp/

APPROVED FOR CPD: This course has been approved by NCIP-  National Council Of Integrative Psychotherapists.

Contact:  Juliet Grayson: 01291 638805  juliet@therapyandcounselling.co.uk  07770 964864