PBSP Supervision Day ONLINE 22 Feb 2021


Observer participant sessions (option 1) are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy.  You do not need to have had any prior experience of PBSP.   
Client sessions (option 3) are for people who have had at least one structure before.   
And the PBSP supervision slots (option 2) are only open to people who have completed at least one year of PBSP training.

Numbers are limited to three client sessions and three supervisee sessions per day when online.  Observer participant slots are also available.

Venue & Date: Monday 22 February 2021 ONLINE 

 Timings: 9.15  arrival for a prompt 9.30 start.  Finish approx. 6.15


Observer Participant: Option 1:  £75  to attend one day as an observer participant, i.e. watching and available to play roles for other people.

Supervisee: Option 2: £160 to attend and have a 1 hour 15 min supervision slot leading a structure to a ‘live client.’
NB There are no supervisee slots left on 22nd Feb. To join waiting list click here https://forms.gle/iy2MPjGyVb12ko3S7

Client: Option 3:  £120 to attend and have a guaranteed structure place as a client. The structure will be run by a group member who is being ‘live supervised’ by Juliet.  Please note that booking this slot assumes you will allow a video to be taken, for your therapist to review later and learn from.

Facilitator: Juliet Grayson UKCP Registered NLPtCA and COSRT Accredited Psychotherapist.  Juliet was one of the first people in the UK to become a PBSP trainer.

The Commitment:  Unless otherwise agreed, you are expected to stay for the whole day.

The Purpose:  of the group is to teach the supervisee about leading a PBSP structure.  We aim to give the client a good experience too.

Contact:  Juliet Grayson: 01291 638805  juliet@therapyandcounselling.co.uk  07770 964864