Poetry Healing and Emotion

Poetry, Healing and Emotion

Unlocking Feeling and Creativity

An Experiential Day for Therapists with 

William Ayot

“William is honest, open and inspiring. His workshop is a lovely interweaving of structure and the unknown.”

Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me. Sigmund Freud

People have traditionally turned to poetry at times of stress and deep emotion yet many of us overlook the valuable tools to healing that poets have evolved over the centuries. This experimental workshop shows therapists how to work with poetry to unlock frozen feelings and liberate the imagination.

By exploring and freeing up our own creativity, we can find new ways to help clients to express difficult and unacknowledged feelings. As we do so, we can also further our own personal development and deepen our connection to the world.

Topics covered will include:

  • Unpicking layers of emotion.
  • The entanglements of grief, anger and shame.
  • Developing techniques to safely approach strong feeling.
  • Creativity for those who think their creativity is blocked.
  • Writing as a practise – exploration and self-discovery.
  • Accessing wonder – beauty and truth.

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William Ayot is a poet, playwright and public speaker. For over twenty years he has used poetry as a tool of healing in a variety of settings. Having studied under a remarkable group of shamans, poets and psychologists, he led men’s initiatory retreats in North Wales and worked in rehab and prisons. As a founder of Olivier Mythodrama he used poetry to teach leadership in organizations and business schools around the world. William is the founding director of NaCOT (National Centre for the Oral Tradition). He also set up and organises the poetry series On The Border, which is a monthy poetry series, held in Chepstow, with the best poets.