PBSP Transformation That Lasts A Lifetime

This is a discussion between John Wilson, who set up Online Events, and Juliet Grayson. He is talking about the impact of one session of Pesso Boyden System of Psychomotor that he had in October 2019 whilst attending a 4 day residential workshop with Juliet.  They are talking on 28 April 2020. This is the first time they’ve spoken since October.

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The first 15 minutes: Juliet introduces Pesso Boyden.
About 4 minutes: Resistance, Filling Holes in Roles, Systemic Defences
About 12 minutes: Giving the Client a ‘New Experience’, Soul, Ego, Basic Needs
About 15 minutes: John talks about the lasting experience of calm that he has had since the structure
About 20 minutes: John, “I could feel there was no anxiety in me at all.”
About 23 minutes: Juliet introduces The Witness About 28 minutes: An live example of holes in roles
About 37 minutes: The story that made the therapist cry during John’s session
About 41 minutes: John’s fear of bringing someone in to the physical proximity, and how that was handled in the session
About 46 minutes: Juliet and John discuss the moment when John ‘tested’ with all his strength, whether the Ideal Father really loved him. This was done by John trying to escape from the Ideal Father, who had 6 figures enrolled as ‘extensions to the Ideal Father’ to ensure that John would be held.
About 50 minutes: Juliet helps John to put this change back into his own history, imagining that he had had this at various different stages of his life, when he needed it.

Juliet Grayson runs PBSP Experiential Groups in the UK, and offers 1 to 1 sessions in PBSP too.
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