Trealy Farm setup

Tell them / Remind them:

  • If they have a bedroom nearby to use their own loo in the breaks – or to use the 3 loos in the house (no shoes allowed upstairs) to avoid big queues at the one toilet in the Pavilion Training room
  • Cake is provided for the afternoon break, but someone needs to go and get it.
  • There are spare blankets, torches, hot water bottles in the porch in the main house
  • Someone in the group needs to turn the tea urn on first thing, so it is hot for breakfast
  • The tea urn (and lights) also needs turning off at the end of the day
  • Lunch and supper is in the farmhouse.  NB Ruth doesn’t like people arriving early as she is using that time to pull the last bits of the food together.
  • The Trainer needs to give Ruth times (in advance) that they will want lunch and supper and afternoon cake for the group.
  • I had the tea urn set up on the table upstairs – but it can be a bit noisy at times. So I suggest that next time try tea urn downstairs, with mugs, a bowl for used tea bags, teaspoons, teas, milk.  And keep the downstairs door open, so people can go round the outside and not all get clogged up going up / down the one small flight of stairs.
  • Breakfast is self service in the Pavilion Training Room. 
  • Spare bread is in the freezer part of the big fridge in the Pavilion Training 
  • Last time I did breakfast upstairs, so perhaps have the toaster and bread, oats etc all laid out on table upstairs?
  • Last time I was there an early riser in the group offered to hard boil some eggs, so they were ready for others to grab and go for a quick breakfast….if this is wanted then someone needs to check how many eggs to cook (Francesca did this last time I think). 
  • Some participants may want to (by agreement with Ruth) breakfast in the main house – BUT SHE WANTS IT CLEARED UP BEAUTIFULLY if the group does eat there…so she doesn’t have to clear up before she cooks lunch. 
  • For breakout rooms, participants staying in the lounge and the barn may be willing to use their own room with a partner (or allow others to use their room). There is the dining room in the main house. And the porch in the main house.  Possibly the corridor upstairs in the main house.  Maybe the log houses could be used.  

Metal chairs with arms, 2 cushions per chair 

Sofas around the room including the brown sofa from the kitchen 

Table set up at the back 

Next time try tea urn downstairs, with mugs, a bowl for used tea bags, teaspoons, teas, milk, and also the toaster and bread, oats etc all laid out on table near the door.

On the table upstairs have fruit nuts and biscuits (or have it near the tea urn.

These blue cushions are great for raising Ideal Parents up higher – and should be in the corner near the top of the stairs

Spare cushions and floor chairs could be put behind the green sofa in the corner