Working with symbols and ritual

Working with Symbols and Ritual:
An experiential Seminar for Therapists and Coaches

with Poet and Ritualist
William Ayot

Today, many of us instinctively feel drawn to ritual yet lack confidence when it comes to folding it in to our professional or personal practice. Others feel repelled, yet curious. Still others see ritual as a profoundly powerful methodology for healing and would like to add new ways of working to their ‘tool box’. This seminar serves as introduction to appropriate, considered and effective ritual is a variety of contexts.

William Ayot is a poet, teacher, author and ritualist. He has worked in rehab centres and prisons, led initiatory rites of passage, and delivered intensive programmes on leadership issues across four continents. He now works with individuals and groups, using poetry, presence work and ritual. His latest book, Re-Enchanting the Forest: Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World (Vala, Bristol), was published in October 2015.

This will be an experiential day, please wear comfortable clothing.
No previous experience of ritual necessary.

Open to therapists, coaches and health workers.